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395 Can They Not Understand Me?

Then, out of nowhere, and to the disbelief of everyone, Yuchi appeared.


Did those two not just say that Yuchi was busy absorbing and subduing the Heavenly King seal?

Why was he here now?

When they saw Yuchi slowly walking toward them, they looked at the two Dao heart realm cultivators for clarification, who in turn looked at each other in confusion.

This did not make any sense.

The reason for Yuchi’s appearance here was very simple. He had already completely absorbed the Heavenly King seal. According to the rules, he had to inform everyone on the scene to avoid them wasting their time.

When Yuchi appeared, the two Dao heart realm cultivators were at a loss.

They did not want to be seen as liars, so they straightforwardly asked, “Senior Yuchi, may I know why you left the primordial sea?”

“Didn’t you successfully enter the building where the sea heart was?”

“Did you not manage to absorb it?”

After this cultivator asked, another cultivator beside him quickly added.

“Senior Yuchi, the rules of this place are very simple. Although everyone can only be in the sea heart for a year, if you manage to reach it, during the process of absorption, no one will disturb you.”

“Did you misunderstand the rule and leave because we left?”

After the two cultivators finished speaking, the others also looked at Yuchi in confusion.

Judging from the current situation, Yuchi might have really encountered the Heavenly King seal, but he might have really misunderstood the rules of this place.

Otherwise, there was no reason for him to leave this place after just a year.

What was going on?

Then, Yuchi walked over to the center of the group.

He also said to everyone in a rather simple manner, “My friends, the purpose of my return here is rather simple.”

“I’m just here to tell you that I have already completely absorbed the Heavenly King seal.”

“Therefore, you don’t have to stay around this primordial sea any longer. It will take a long time for this primordial sea to condense another sea heart. During this period, you can find another place.”

Yuchi’s current mood was still pretty good. After absorbing the Heavenly King seal, his journey in this primordial sea could be considered to have come to an end.

He also wanted to find a place to properly assess his current strength.

He was in a good mood, but after he finished speaking, everyone in the audience fell deathly silent. They looked at each other, their expressions filled with confusion.

What did he mean?

He had already absorbed the Heavenly King seal?

This did not make any sense. Such a thing would not happen.

How much time had passed?

From start to finish, it had only been a year.

He absorbed the Heavenly King seal in a year?

A monster?

Everyone was in a state of confusion.

The two Dao heart realm cultivators ventured forth.

They said to Yuchi in a daze, “Senior Yuchi, if we didn’t misunderstand, you’re saying that you’ve already completely absorbed the Heavenly King seal, right?”

“That’s indeed what I said.” Yuchi nodded.

He was feeling rather puzzled right now.

Was there a problem with the way he said it? Why was everyone looking at him as if they had seen a ghost?

Then, Yuchi also looked at the very cute Yue Hanjiang beside him. Yue Hanjiang was also staring at him with her bright eyes and white teeth. When Yuchi saw her, he also asked, “Hanjiang, did you understand what I was trying to say? Or has the meaning been lost because I haven’t spoken to people in a long time?”

Yue Hanjiang broke into a bright smile.

“Master, it’s not that others can’t understand what you’re saying.”

“It’s because you absorbed the Heavenly King seal within a year. That’s why no one believes your words.”

So it was like this?

Although the Heavenly King seal was very difficult to deal with on the surface, as long as one’s heart was firm, then the Heavenly King seal could indeed be defeated.

In any case, Yuchi was currently thinking about another matter, which was related to alchemy.

It was a plan that Cofuran had come up with, but Cofuran did not have the chance to finish explaining the details, as she had been injured by the Heavenly Dao apparition back then.

The other cultivators were completely dumbfounded.


They all smiled bitterly.


Why are you acting as if it was not a big deal?

This was something countless cultivators had been striving to achieve for many years!

After Yuchi saw the conflicted expressions of the people at the scene…

He looked helpless. Then, he opened his right hand, and a golden seal appeared within it.

The moment the golden seal appeared, everyone knelt down.

This included the two Dao heart realm cultivators!