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647 Save the Child

If she had not even gone to see a doctor yet, why did she say that the clinic could not treat her illness?

Could it be some incurable illness!

When she just married Qiao Yue, she heard that someone in the village had an incurable illness! It seemed to be called… cancer or something! Anyway, that person died not long after!

Could it be that Old Madam Li had also contracted such a fatal illness!

By this time, Li Gui was even more nervous. She held Old Madam Li’s hand tightly and asked, “Then should we go to the hospital. If the small clinic in our village can’t help you, let’s go to a big hospital! Let’s go to the county city now!”

Old Madam Li quickly said, “No, no! It’s already so late, let’s not waste time and effort. Just have a good rest. Perhaps I’ll feel better now that you’re back!”

Zhao Hong also nodded. Li Gui looked at the two of them doubtfully and finally agreed with them.

“Then… then let’s go and get you checked out tomorrow. We can go to bed for now.” Li Gui covered Old Madam Li with the blanket and took out her old bedding from the cabinet. She decided to sleep next to Old Madam Li tonight.

It was rare for Zhao Hong to be able to take a good rest tonight. With Li Gui around, Old Madam Li’s attention was no longer on her.

She had not seen the two children for a day and was feeling very anxious. The first thing she did when she returned to the room was to take a look at the children’s feet. The side room was dark and damp and was not conducive to the children’s recovery at all.

The two children did not dare to leave the room either. If Old Madam Li saw them, she would definitely make them do all kinds of chores. They would not be allowed to have any free time.

“Your feet seem better, do the wounds still hurt?” Zhao Hong asked softly.

Her third child shook her head. She only had some blisters and they had healed quickly. On the other hand, the situation with the fourth child’s feet was more serious and she was even running a low fever today.

Zhao Hong looked at her fourth child with heartache. She could only ask Li Gui for help by now. Old Madam Li was not sick at all! However, her two children were really feeling unwell.

Earlier, Li Gui was able to fork out money to save her while she was unconscious. If she saw the children like this, Li Gui would probably help out as well…

Zhao Hong fetched water from the well to wipe down her fourth child’s body. Soon, the low grade fever subsided. Zhao Hong was so tired that she fell asleep by the brick bed and only woke up at dawn.

Before dawn, Li Gui had already started to clean up the courtyard and prepare breakfast. She had always been the earliest one to wake up at home and she had already gotten used to it.

“Why are you doing these chores? Let me do it,” Zhao Hong said embarrassedly.

Li Gui smiled and said, “It’s fine. I’m also a part of this family. I’ve been doing these chores since I was young. Eldest sister-in-law, you can take a rest.”

Zhao Hong did not stand on ceremony with Li Gui. She took a small stool and sat beside Li Gui to help with the vegetables. As she plucked the vegetables, she secretly observed Li Gui.

Li Gui also noticed Zhao Hong’s abnormal behavior and asked softly, “Eldest sister-in-law, do you have something to tell me?”

“I do have a private matter that I want to talk to you about…” Zhao Hong looked around and noted that Old Madam Li was not awake yet. She then felt safe enough to say to Li Gui, “I want to… to borrow some money from you… Don’t misunderstand! I’ll definitely pay you back! My child hurt her feet when she followed mother to your place two days ago. She’s starting to run a fever and there’s not a single uninjured spot on her feet… I have no choice but to beg you…”

Li Gui looked at Zhao Hong awkwardly. All she had was the money needed for Old Madam Li’s treatment. If she gave Zhao Hong a portion of it, what if the money was not enough for Old Madam Li to treat her illness?

She was unable to contact Li Dong and Li Xiong now and could only rely on herself.

Qiao Mei already did not want to talk to her anymore. No one in the village would lend her money. She was a woman with four young children, as well as such a capable older daughter.

Qiao Mei was the richest person in the village. If Li Gui’s own daughter was unwilling to lend her money, who else could give her money?

“Sigh… Eldest sister-in-law, it’s not that I don’t want to help you. I don’t even know what illness my mother is suffering from now. What if there’s not enough to treat her illness? I don’t have any extra money. Do you know how to contact my eldest brother? If you really cannot cope, then ask him to come back,” Li Gui said.

Zhao Hong did not know where Li Dong had gone with their two sons. If she knew, she would definitely have followed him there. She would not have to stay here and look after this broken home!