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431 Bloody Portal

The battle was over, and the scene quieted down. Lu Weihai had been defeated with a single punch. This was something that no one could have predicted. What made everyone’s heart jump was Lu Weihai’s words.

“You… You held back?”

Eh? Was this for real? With such a terrifying fist momentum, he still held back. This didn’t make sense!

The group of earth-rank powerhouses watching the battle had strange expressions on their faces. Although they did not believe it, they had no choice but to believe Lu Weihai’s words. Just like how they knew Lu Weihai would not go easy on Lin Xuan in a battle to give him face. He would not deliberately exaggerate Lin Xuan’s strength after his defeat.

In terms of understanding Lin Xuan’s abilities, the group of spectators definitely did not have as deep of an understanding as Lu Weihai, who had faced Lin Xuan directly.

“Just a bit.”

Lin Xuan retracted his surging aura. Just by relying on the strength of his body, he could actually rub an earth-rank expert on the ground. The aura that Taixia had accumulated for 300 years was terrifying!

Was he really holding back?

Hearing Lin Xuan’s confirmation, the crowd no longer dared to have any other thoughts. To be able to heavily injure Lu Weihai, an earth-rank with extremely strong defense meant that no one else here would be able to take a single punch from Lin Xuan. This did not mean that Lin Xuan’s defense was good. However, from his past battle records, it was clear that his defense was not bad either. To be able to go against an earth-rank when he was still in the mystic-rank was proof that he had a high defense.

In addition, his movement trajectory was difficult to capture, and his speed of light was also higher than theirs. He had an advantage in strength, agility, and body, so his attributes were overwhelmingly strong.

Not to mention, Lin Xuan was also on the side of justice. Great, this new world dungeon development mission had directly turned from sharing the cake into a lucrative job. One was to be his own boss and eat the scrumptious cake, while the other was to become Lin Xuan’s worker. Just the rewards alone were completely incomparable.

It was unfair!

However, they had no other choice but to accept their fate.

The group of people looked at Lin Xuan with hidden bitterness, but Lin Xuan looked at everyone without care. “Is there anyone who still wants to fight? We can get to know each other better before entering the new world dungeon!”

Even though they could not help but curse Lin Xuan in their hearts, they did not dare to stand out again. Lin Xuan had already revealed a portion of his strength, and just this portion alone was enough for them to know that they were no match for him. Lin Xuan’s strength was probably infinitely close to the level of the peak earth-rank, the overlord.

For a long time, no one spoke. Lin Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction. Very good, he had beaten these people into submission!

“Alright, that’s all for today. Tomorrow… Well, I’ve just arrived in Kunlun City, so I don’t know the process yet. I’ll continue according to the previous work schedule.”

As earth-rank powerhouses who were going to explore and open the new world dungeon, before the arrival of the guardian, earth-rank powerhouses like them could only serve as temporary guardians of Kunlun City as a new super first-tier city for the time being. As for the follow-up, it would depend on the arrangement of the high-level officials of Taixia Country.

The construction of Kunlun City had just been put on the agenda, but as a construction fanatic, the core area of the city was already taking its shape. The most important roads had already been laid out. Dozens of construction companies and tens of thousands of construction workers were quickly building high-rise buildings.

The three skyscrapers of the Ability User’s Guild had been completed, but it was a pity that the staff was not in place yet, and the interior of the building had not been decorated yet, so it was currently an empty shell.

Lin Xuan looked at Kunlun City, which had just started to take shape, in awe. Then, he flew directly to the nearest city. With his speed, it would only take about ten to twenty seconds, and with such a short distance, his perception range could make a vague sense of what he was going to meet. Once there were any changes to the spatial gateway of the new world dungeon, he would be able to sense it at the first moment and rush over.

For the next few days, Lin Xuan lived a carefree life of punching in and out of work. He did not spend any time on cultivation. He would spend some time familiarizing himself with the strength that he was improving each day. Previously, he had only absorbed 300 years’ accumulation in Taixia Country. From then on, Taixia Country grew stronger and stronger with more gains each day. As long as Taixia Country still existed, his strength would continue to grow.

This way of cultivation was much more comfortable than his previous methods. However, it was not without any hidden dangers. In this way, Lin Xuan’s strength would be bound to Taixia Country forever. They would rise and fall together. Judging from the current situation, the advantages were greater than the disadvantages. However, in the long run, the disadvantages might one day outweigh the advantages.

Lin Xuan did not have any better ideas at the moment. He would take it one step at a time and slowly make plans later.

Lin Xuan was eating when he suddenly heard a notification from his watch. He could vaguely feel that there were some changes to the new world dungeon’s spatial portal. Was it about to open?

He grabbed the chicken wing on the table and disappeared from the restaurant like a bolt of lightning. When he reappeared, he was already in Kunlun City, which was hundreds of miles away. He looked at the blue portal in front of him with a serious expression as it turned into a piercing blood red.

An accident had occurred, not on their side, but on the other side. The current situation was indeed a sign of the opening of the spatial gate, but it was also a warning of the evil force on the other side. It was true that Taixia Country had not encountered such a situation before, but other countries had encountered it before, which led to an extremely fierce war.

“L-Lin Xuan… Should we call for help?”

An earth-rank powerhouse walked to Lin Xuan’s side and said in a low voice.

Watching the bloody portal, Lin Xuan’s heart pounded. As it was his first time to be a pioneer in exploring a new world dungeon, he had been appointed as the team leader by the higher-ups of Taixia Country. Therefore, he had to consider each step carefully.

Every earth-rank powerhouse was Taixia’s most precious resource and an important reference indicator for the growth of his strength. Lin Xuan would never allow any accidents to happen to them in this exploration mission.

Fortunately, he had the ability and strength.

“I’ll go in and take a look first. With my strength, I won’t die no matter what.”

Lin Xuan stood out. With his current strength, as long as he didn’t encounter a sky-rank boss, he’d survive.

The other earth-rank fighters looked at each other and nodded silently. Lin Xuan was the one who was getting the most out of this. It was only right for him to put in more effort and take more risks. Of course, they were not the kind of people who would just take advantage of the situation. After Lin Xuan got the news from the other side, they would naturally start their work.

Lin Xuan only informed them and waited for the portal to stabilize before stepping in.