Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2162: 2162
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2162 Black Incomplete Diagram

Many cultivators were gathered outside the Scarlet Dark Valley as they looked at the gigantic furnace in the distance with shocked expressions.

“By the looks of it, even the Valley Master is doomed.”

“That purple-robed man from the lower worlds is way too terrifying! Even though the Valley Master has already become a Perfected Fiend, he was still killed mercilessly.”

“I reckon that this person might be the reincarnation of a Perfected Immortal or Perfected Fiend!”

Most of the cultivators in the valley had long dispersed and the remaining people still had a sliver of hope, waiting for the final outcome.

“If the Valley Master dies, where can we go from now on?”

“The Palace Lord of Peerless Palace, Pavilion Lord of Immortal Slaying Pavilion, Sect Master of Wind Fire Sect and the others are most likely dead as well. These sects and factions might not be able to hold out in the future.”

“I wonder if that purple-robed man will establish any faction. If he does so, submitting to him will be a way out for us.”

In the hearts of those cultivators, there was no loyalty or sense of belonging—they would submit to whoever was stronger.

It was the same everywhere in the Fiend Domain.

Unlike the Nine Firmament Immortal Domain where the Immortal Emperors reigned supreme and many Immortal Kings ruled over a territory in an orderly manner…

In the Fiend Domain, there were frequent wars and all sorts of killing and fighting were happening at all times.

Without the protection of an expert, one might be killed the next moment!

As time passed by, the gigantic furnace in the world gradually dissipated and the figure of the Martial Dao Prime Body reappeared, descending slowly.

The original hall of Scarlet Dark Valley beneath his feet had already turned into ruins.

At the place where the Valley Master of Scarlet Dark Valley died, a black ball the size of a goose egg floated in midair and was filled with cracks.

The crack emitted a faint glow with a thin black fog surrounding it.

That was the Dao Fruit of the Valley Master of Scarlet Dark Valley!

The Dao Fruit was condensed from the combination of the Black, Earth and Heaven Essence. It was the crystallization of a lifetime of Dharmic Dao and was incomparably tough and indestructible.

Of course, that was only the saying of the immortal and fiend sects.

In the Pure Land of Bliss, Buddhist cultivators referred to them as relics.

In Tianhuang Mainland, there was a legend that after some accomplished monks died and underwent Nirvana, their corpses would rot and their flesh would dry up. However, there would be a crystal the size of a goose egg left behind.

Actually, the so-called Dao attainment referred to entering the Perfected One realm and becoming an Arhat—that was the equivalence of the Perfected Immortals of the immortal sects and Perfected Fiends of the fiend sects.

The tough crystal left behind was the Dao Fruit, also known as the relics of the Buddhist sects!

Although the flesh and corpse of the Valley Master of Scarlet Dark Valley was refined by the Heaven and Earth Furnace, the Dao Fruit was preserved.

The Martial Dao Prime Body held the Dao Fruit in his palm and sensed it carefully.

Not only did that Dao Fruit contain rich True Essence, it also condensed the Dharmic Dao of the Valley Master of Scarlet Dark Valley and was of some use to him.

Of course, this Dao Fruit was clearly much inferior to the Dao Fruit of King Yun You’s clone.

Ever since the Martial Dao Prime Body ascended to the Fiend Domain, he had overwhelmed many factions and snatched their Essence Spirit Mines to refine. He had also collected many cultivation techniques of the upper world.

Most of those cultivation techniques and secret skills were ordinary and were not worthy of his attention.

However, he was no longer unfamiliar with the Perfected One realm.

The Perfected One realm was divided into four levels—Convergence, Celestial Being, Hollow Nether and Paradise Void!

Convergence had two meanings.

The first was the Convergence of the Black, Earth and Heaven Essences into True Essence.

Second, it referred to the Dao and Dharmic arts of the past that were condensed and synthesized to become the final Dao Fruit.

The Valley Master of Scarlet Dark Valley had just entered the Perfected One realm and he could only be considered as a Convergence Perfected Fiend.

As for King Yun You’s clone that died in Die Yue’s hands, he was at least Hollow Nether and might even be a Perfected Immortal of the Paradise Void realm!

Heavenly Wolf had once told the Martial Dao Prime Body that if he wanted to be reborn in the upper world, he had to cultivate to Level 3 of the Perfected One realm, the Hollow Nether realm.

” Hollow Nether, Hollow Nether…”

The Martial Dao Prime Body murmured softly and a realization flashed through his mind. “Nether must be related to the netherworld.”

“However, what’s the meaning of Hollow?”


The expression of the Martial Dao Prime Body changed as he looked at a pile of ashes not far away. He frowned slightly with a strange expression.

That was the corpse and flesh of the Valley Master of Scarlet Dark Valley after he was burned.

Under the refinement of the Heaven and Earth Furnace, his storage bag had already turned into ashes and the Essence Spirit Stones within were burned and refined.

However, there seemed to be a black paper on the ashes that was as thin as cicada wings lying there quietly.

The Martial Dao Prime Body walked forward and picked up the black paper to study it.

The black paper was extremely ancient and seemed to be a beast hide of some living being. It was incomplete and the gap at the edge seemed to have been forcefully torn apart by an external force.

It was an incomplete diagram.

Even the divine weapons and Dharmic treasures in the storage bag of the Valley Master of Scarlet Dark Valley were refined into scorching lava by the Heaven and Earth Furnace. However, the incomplete diagram was preserved intact!

Furthermore, the person who could tear this diagram back then was definitely far stronger than the Martial Dao Prime Body!

There seemed to be a figure drawn on the incomplete diagram.

However, the diagram was incomplete and only half of the figure’s body could be seen.

The figure seemed to be wearing pitch-black armor and the weapon in his hands was incomplete—it was unknown if it was an iron rod or spear.

The Martial Dao Prime Body merely glanced at the incomplete diagram and suddenly felt his mind and gaze being pulled by an invisible force, sinking into it.

All the strokes on the incomplete diagram seemed to have fallen off, forming mysterious runes that surged into the mind of the Martial Dao Prime Body.

The next moment, killing and destructive emotions surged in the depths of the Martial Dao Prime Body’s heart!

He stood on the spot motionlessly as the surrounding Heaven and Earth Essence Qi surged towards his body continuously!

Even without activating his Essence Spirit, he was like a gigantic vortex, absorbing Heaven and Earth Essence Qi wildly.

Strange black patterns appeared on the face and skin of the Martial Dao Prime Body in a mysterious manner.

Black fiend qi began to swirl around his body as well. His eyes were pitch-black and filled with a demonic glint. He seemed to have fallen into a berserk and uncontrollable state with a murderous aura!

The Martial Dao Prime Body wore a silver mask and his back was facing the Asura—the latter could not see the abnormality on his face either.

However, the Asura could still sense that something was amiss with the state of the Martial Dao Prime Body.

Just as he was about to speak, the Martial Dao Prime Body shuddered and suddenly closed his eyes.

The fiend qi around him gradually dissipated.

The black glint in his eyes faded as well.

However, the mysterious black patterns on his body did not disappear. They were like imprints etched on his skin and created a strong suction to the surrounding Heaven and Earth Essence Qi.

The Martial Dao Prime Body’s heart skipped a beat and his blood qi surged. The flames of the Martial Dao Furnace burned and washed away the black patterns on his body before long.


The Martial Dao Prime Body smirked and murmured.

Gripping his palm, he closed the incomplete diagram and put it away in his storage bag without taking another look.

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