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346 Skill Upgrade! Epic Plague Power! (1)

Lu Yan quickly arrived at the resource exchange office of the military region.

Now, almost every wilderness military region had such a location. Here, combat professionals with military points could exchange for resources from the military region.

The military personnel in charge of this place checked Lu Yan before giving Lu Yan a display screen.

“Your current authority to exchange for resources in the military region’s resource bank is displayed here, as well as the materials you need to exchange for various resources.”

“You only need to choose the resources you need and confirm the exchange. The corresponding points will be deducted and the items you exchange for will directly be sent to you.

After hearing this military personnel’s introduction, Lu Yan nodded. Then, his gaze landed on the screen in his hand.

The first thing Lu Yan looked at was naturally the authority he currently had to exchange for resources.

The resource exchange authority of the military region was also related to the total points obtained. Lu Yan now had more than 15,000 points. Coupled with the points he had obtained previously, he had already obtained the highest exchange authority.

Of course, this highest exchange authority was only for people who weren’t a part of the military region. There were still some things that only people from the military region could exchange for.

However, Lu Yan could already exchange for many items.

As usual, when he shopped in the exchange resource bank, he prioritized looking at essence tonics and enhancement pills.

The upper limit of the essence tonics and enhancement pills exchanged by outsiders in the military region’s resource warehouse was 50 per month. This was already adjusted because of the appearance of the spatial crack.

Every essence tonic required 200 military points, and the enhancement pill required 150 military points.

Compared to the exchange rate of the school, it was naturally much more expensive. However, the school had a discount for students.

Lu Yan’s current military region points were not enough to exchange for all 50 essence tonics and 50 enhancement pills.

The number of military points needed to exchange for enhancement pills was relatively low. Lu Yan naturally had to prioritize exchanging for enhancement pills.

After exchanging for all 50 enhancement pills, he directly spent 7,500 points and lost half of his points.

Lu Yan also exchanged for 30 essence tonics and spent 6,000 points. Now, he still had more than 1,500 points left.

The reason why he did not use up all the points for the essence tonic was because Lu Yan had seen a skill book.

[Plague Power (Grandmaster): Use the undead power to form a plague, covering the area ahead. It can weaken all the attributes of the enemy in the range. According to the other party’s strength, it can at most weaken by 30%.]

[Note: It has a light yellow color and can be easily discovered. It’s a special skill and cannot be upgraded.]

A skill that weakened the enemy’s attributes was still more important for the current Lu Yan.

With this, the increase in Lu Yan’s combat strength was still relatively obvious.

It could at most weaken the enemy’s attributes by 30%. It could be said to be very powerful. However, there would be a color when used. He had to use it when the other party was unprepared. Otherwise, it would be easily discovered.

It was probably also because of this disadvantage that such a skill was only at the master level. If not for this drawback, it would probably at least be a grandmaster level skill.

What made Lu Yan even happier was that this Plague Power skill book only required 1,500 military points.

It was probably an undead-type skill that few people needed. That was why the price was so low.

Lu Yan did not hesitate and directly obtained this skill book. He had basically spent all the general region points.

Then, Lu Yan handed the display screen in his hand to the military personnel in front of him.

This military personnel looked at the items Lu Yan had chosen to exchange for, his eyes revealing surprise. He did not expect Lu Yan to exchange for so many enhancement pills and essence tonics.

How long would it take for this guy to absorb all these resources?

However, this was not his concern and he would not ask Lu Yan any unnecessary questions.

After operating for a while, this military personnel looked at Lu Yan and said, “Lu Yan, these things are not available here and need to be retrieved from the resource bank. They can be sent to you in about a day in the country. Where do you think they should be sent to?”

When Lu Yan heard this, he directly reported the school’s address and directly left.

After saving Bai Miao and Feng Ya, Lu Yan naturally had to return to the school.

After leaving, Lu Yan did not stay long and directly rode the teleportation formation back to the school.

As soon as he came out of the teleportation formation, Lu Yan saw Bai Miao and Feng Ya not far away.

The two of them had yet to change their clothes and were still somewhat dusty. Clearly, they had been waiting here and had not returned.

Seeing Lu Yan come out of the teleportation formation in front of them, Bai Miao and Feng Ya, who were chatting, smiled and welcomed Lu Yan together.

“Lu Yan, Sister Bai Miao said that you would definitely return soon. I didn’t expect it to be true.”

Feng Ya looked at Lu Yan with a smile.

Lu Yan looked at Bai Miao and Feng Ya in front of him and asked in confusion, “Why didn’t you go back and rest first? What are you doing here?”

Bai Miao looked at Lu Yan and smiled. “It’s like this. Feng Ya and I both want to treat you to a meal. We were afraid that sending you a message would disturb you from choosing, so we waited here.”

Lu Yan was stunned for a moment before smiling. “There’s no need. We’re all classmates. It’s only right for me to save you. You don’t have to specially thank me.”

Hearing Lu Yan’s words, Feng Ya shook her head and said, “No, I have to treat you to a meal. If not for you, Sister Bai Miao and I would probably have already been sacrificed.”