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615 Collective Defense Break, The Genes of the Abyssal Demon Dragon

“B*stard, you dare to hurt me? I’m going to kill you!”

Reynolds bellowed and stood up from the ground. However, the next moment, his face was filled with fear.

Because he saw that a blue dagger had appeared in Ye Feng’s hand.

Ye Feng’s lips curled up in a cold smile, and he placed his dagger near Reynolds neck. He said coldly, “You’ve lost!”

“No! I won’t lose, I won’t lose!”

Reynolds growled and struggled, but Ye Feng’s dagger had already pierced deep into his shoulder. Fresh blood was gushing out.

“Ah~!” Reynolds let out a painful howl.

“My arm!!!! My arm is broken!!!!!!” Reynolds’ eyes widened in disbelief.

Never in his dreams did he think that he would lose!


The Wingmen who were watching from a distance were dumbfounded.

“He actually won, and he actually defeated Reynolds?”

Everyone’s eyes were dull.

They knew how powerful Reynolds was, especially after he had taken the Berserk Potion. He was almost invincible.

But at this moment, Reynolds actually lost to Ye Feng!

“No, this is impossible!” Reynolds frantically shook his head. He didn’t want to admit that he would fail.

“Hmph!” Ye Feng was too lazy to talk nonsense with Reynolds. He turned around and slashed Reynolds’ throat.


Reynolds’ eyes were wide open, revealing a strong resentment.

He clutched his throat and twisted his head with difficulty. He stared at Ye Feng, as if he wanted to remember this face.

“All of this is unfair…”

“Unfair?” Ye Feng smiled indifferently: “You are all Abyssal Demons. You are merely super fierce beasts. What fairness is there to speak of?”

“D*mn it!”

“Kill him! Kill this b*stard!”

“Kill him!”

The Wingmen in the distance rushed over.

Most of them were around A+ grade, and a few of them had already entered the Beyond A grade realm.

But it was a pity that Ye Feng had the [Nether Curse]. When he cast an illusory technique, these people would fall into an illusion.

A moment later, Ye Feng killed all of them.

The Wingmen were all on the verge of a mental breakdown, and they knelt down to beg for mercy, hoping that they would be spared.

“You bunch of trash, why didn’t you say you’d let me go when you surrounded me just now?”

Ye Feng laughed in disdain. He ignored them and continued walking forward.

These Wingmen knelt on the ground and wailed, looking at the direction that Ye Feng had left in. Their hearts were like dead ashes.

The mission this time could be considered a complete failure.

Not only did they fail to complete the mission, but they also lost their lives.


Suddenly, the seawater churned, and waves crashed against the shore, making rumbling sounds.

Then, a huge body jumped out of the sea, setting off huge waves.


A 100-meter-long giant snake covered in black scales was coiled on the island, looking down at everyone with its cold eyes.

It let out a deep roar, and clouds of black mist surrounded it, exuding a terrifying pressure.

“That’s…!” Ye Feng’s pupils shrunk.

“Abyssal Demon Snake! It’s an Abyssal Demon Snake!”

“The venom in its body can corrode steel and even melt magma!”

Ye Feng’s heart shook.

It was rumored that the Abyssal Demon Snake was the product of the combination of two Abyssal Demon Dragons. It was powerful, bloodthirsty, and cruel. Once it encountered its prey, it would attack.

“Quickly run!”

When the Wingmen discovered the Abyssal Demon Snake, they were scared out of their wits.

They turned around and fled.

But how could the Abyssal Demon Snake let them escape?

It suddenly opened its mouth and spewed out a jet-black poisonous smoke. Wherever the poisonous smoke passed, the grass and trees withered, and the beach was left with a trail of scorch marks.

Half of the Wingmen instantly fell, and the remaining ones who were lucky enough to survive were scared witless.

“This guy is so scary, haha!”

Ye Feng’s expression was solemn. This Abyssal Demon Snake was too powerful.

Although he had the buff from [Nether Curse], he was still no match for the Abyssal Snake.

“The strength of this Abyssal Demon Snake is equivalent to that of a peak Beyond A grade.”

Ye Feng’s expression was uncertain, and he was thinking in his heart.

According to Ye Feng’s guess, this Abyssal Demon Snake should only be at the early or middle stage of Beyond A grade.

After all, it had absorbed the genes of the Abyssal Demon Dragon and transformed into a magical beast.

“My [Nether Curse] can only reduce its strength, but it can’t eliminate the Abyssal Demon Dragon gene in its body!”

“However, even so, I still have to kill it!”

The Abyssal Demon Snake was a middle-stage Beyond A grade. Ye Feng could only use all his strength to fight for a chance, or else he would not be able to kill it.

“Kill!” Ye Feng shouted in a low voice. His toes touched the ground and his entire body shot out like a cannonball. The blade in his hand shone with a cold light as he stabbed toward the Abyssal Demon Snake.


The sharp battle blade streaked across the air, bringing with it a biting cold wind.

The Abyssal Demon Snake sensed danger. It moved and avoided Ye Feng’s fatal attack.


The battle blade fell to the ground, stirring up a cloud of dust.


The Abyssal Demon Snake’s eyes stared at Ye Feng. It let out an angry roar and pounced toward Ye Feng.

“Die!” Ye Feng was fearless. He held his sword and welcomed the attack.


The Abyssal Demon Snake’s tail slammed onto Ye Feng’s body and sent him flying.


Ye Feng coughed out a mouthful of blood. His ribs were broken. He was in intense pain and was almost suffocating.

He struggled to get up and rushed toward the Abyssal Demon Snake again.

The two of them fought.

The Abyssal Demon Snake was very fast. Its claws were hard and sharp, and each of its claws contained amazing power. Its skin was thick and its defense was extremely strong.

When Ye Feng’s blade landed on its body, it could not cause any damage.


The Abyssal Demon Snake opened its bloody mouth and bit.


Ye Feng raised his blade to block.

A wave of majestic power surged over. The web between Ye Feng’s thumb and forefinger split open. He almost could not hold onto the blade in his hand.

“D*mn it, this beast’s strength is much stronger than a normal human’s!”

The Abyssal Demon Snake kept roaring. Its eyes were full of ferocity and malevolence, showing that this snake had gone completely mad.

Its intelligence was much higher than that of ordinary creatures. It knew how to find weaknesses and even knew how to hide its aura.


The attack was successful, the Abyssal Demon Snake jumped up and opened its mouth, biting toward Ye Feng’s neck.

Ye Feng’s body moved to the side, avoiding the Abyssal Demon Snake’s bite.


Next, Ye Feng swung his blade horizontally, splitting the Abyssal Demon Snake into two.

The Abyssal Demon Snake screamed and fell into the sea, splashing a large amount of water.

However, its body quickly healed and it stood up again, letting out a crazy roar.

“This Abyssal Demon Snake didn’t die?”

Ye Feng frowned. He was secretly shocked.