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618 The Appearance of the Ferocious Sea Beast and the Burly Old Man


Ye Feng was stunned. He did not expect the sea beast to become like this. He lowered his head and saw that the surface of this sea beast’s body was covered in dense scales. Its dorsal and tail also had four limbs instead of eight.

The sea beasts rose and charged toward the surface of the sea.


Ye Feng hurriedly jumped to the surface of the sea, He saw that this dolphin was carrying a group of people and flying into the sky.

“Not good!”

Ye Feng’s expression changed slightly. So many symbiotic demons were clearly here for him.

It was very likely that they already knew about the Spirit Stone.

Or maybe they were sent by Alfas to kill him.

He did not know what Alfas was up to, but he did not show up for a long time. Instead, he sent many fierce beasts to intercept him.

There had to be some clues, or at the moment, Alfas was trapped by something and could not escape to hunt him down.

But no matter what, Ye Feng had to head to Alfas’ hiding place as soon as possible.

He had to kill Alfas as soon as possible!

This was the key to the entire Sky City battle.

Swish, swish, swish, swish, swish!

Several arrows flew in from all directions, each of them glowing with a cold light. They were poisoned, and if an ordinary person was hit by them, he would definitely die.

“Explode!” Ye Feng roared in anger. He threw out the arrows in his hands. In an instant, the sky was filled with arrows, the four A+ grade symbiotes were surrounded by them.




The four symbiotic demons screamed as they were pierced by the rain of arrows and then exploded into nothingness.

But immediately after, four figures floated to the surface of the sea. They were all covered with face cloths, only revealing a pair of cold and eerie eyes.

“Your Excellency’s strength is indeed extraordinary. You can even easily avoid my Flying Cloud Needle.”

The one who spoke was a tall and sturdy old man. He waved his hand and the other two short and strong men with ferocious faces stood aside, forming a triangle to block Ye Feng’s escape route.

Ye Feng looked at these four people, and his heart was heavy. “Who are you people?”

“Why are you playing dumb?”

The burly old man smiled and said, “We’re here on the orders of our family head to plead Your Excellency to give up on advancing! As for our debts, they will be settled in the future! However, before that, you have to hand over everything you have on you that is related to us!”


Hearing the words of the burly old man, Ye Feng immediately understood that the master of these people must be from the Zhao family.

No matter how strong these clans were, Ye Feng would not yield.

Previously, Ye Feng had killed everyone in the Zhao family’s Fallen Soul Valley’s research project.

These people must have known the cause of the matter.

Thus, they came to stop Ye Feng.

This also allowed Ye Feng to confirm that the Zhao clan was really the lackey of the Abyss Alliance.

Moreover, Ye Feng also had some evidence that they had plundered from the Zhao clan’s base. That was why they rushed over in such a hurry to force him to take the materials.

“Sorry, I’m not interested. Goodbye.”

Ye Feng was too lazy to talk. He turned around and ran back.

“Stop him!” The tall and sturdy old man shouted in anger. The three people beside him immediately charged toward Ye Feng. Two of them took out flying daggers and darts, the other two took out their bows and arrows, aiming at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng could feel a strong wind coming from behind him.

His body twisted and flickered, and he dodged the flying daggers and darts at an extremely high speed.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The two brushed past each other. Ye Feng was so scared that he broke out in a cold sweat. If not for his quick reaction, he would have been hit by the projectiles. But even so, a few light wounds were left on his body.

“Is this the Blazing Fireball spell?”

Ye Feng’s eyes twitched.

Blazing Fireball was a fire-type skill and was a basic spell. As long as a high-level symbiotic demon with decent abilities learned it, they would be able to release a powerful flame attack.

This flame attack was extremely powerful, even comparable to the full power of an A+ grade symbiotic demon.

The tall and sturdy old man coldly said, “Hmph, since you’ve seen through our tricks, how could you leave so easily? Today, you won’t be able to escape even if you have wings.”

Ye Feng took in a deep breath. He did not expect to encounter such a situation.

The symbiotic demons of this continent seemed to be much stronger than any other place he had ever been to.

Their battle techniques, as well as the power of their weapons and magical treasures, were not something that Ye Feng could match up to.

“I advise you not to look for trouble.”

Ye Feng’s tone was indifferent.

“Hehe!” The burly old man stared at Ye Feng with a mocking expression. “You are just a mere Beyond A grade middle stage ant. Do you think we will be afraid of you?”

Ye Feng did not care. He tapped his feet and disappeared from his spot.


His body appeared behind a symbiotic demon, and his right fist smashed down with the force of a thunderbolt.


The symbiotic demon couldn’t react in time and was struck on his chest, his entire body being sent into the water.

Ye Feng did not stop. He continued to rush toward another target. His left hand suddenly stretched out and grabbed the throat of the symbiotic demon, then he used all his strength to lift it up and throw him toward the ground.


Blood spurted out as the head of the symbiotic demon was crushed. The bones around his neck were completely shattered and he died on the spot.


That late-stage Beyond A grade symbiotic demon was furious and slashed down at Ye Feng with his sword.

But Ye Feng’s figure once again disappeared into the water.


The waves surged up to the sky as an arrow whizzed out and nailed into his shoulder. He let out a cry of pain as the arm holding the long sword trembled.


All of a sudden, the water surged and a black shadow rushed out from the distance. With a shocking aura, it slammed into the body of the symbiotic demon and sent him flying.


This symbiotic demon fell to the shore, his body convulsing, clearly heavily injured.

This sudden attack caused the other three symbiotic demons to be stunned. Immediately after, the four of them joined forces to surround Ye Feng.

Ye Feng continued to move around them. His figure flickered in and out of existence. Every time he appeared, he would deal heavy damage to the enemies.

In a short period of time, he had severely injured two people and killed one.

The remaining three people were getting more and more terrified.

“D*mn b*stard!”

The three of them cursed in anger, and they took out all sorts of hidden weapons and darts and threw them at Ye Feng.

However, Ye Feng was too fast. These hidden weapons and darts all missed.

They were anxious. They could only grit their teeth and use all their strength to deal with Ye Feng.

However, doing so was futile because Ye Feng’s movement trajectory was unpredictable. Even a late-stage Beyond A grade symbiote could not keep up with his pace, much less them.

A moment later, other than a tall and sturdy old man, of the other two symbiotic demons, one had his eyes pierced by Ye Feng and the other had his ears cut off. They were in a sorry state.

“Who are you?”