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915 Beaten Up

In the synchronous orbit of the planet, only half of the spaceship was left spinning at the same time as the planet.

Although it had been broken into two by Chu Nan’s punch, under the perfect emergency rescue measures, the people on the first half of the spaceship did not lose much. Moreover, it had even returned the second half to normal operation and could still protect these people in space.

However, this did not make Rowe and Ankelu feel happy at all.

At this moment, the two of them looked extremely miserable. Not only were their clothes torn into strips, but their bodies were also covered in blood. Although they were not all theirs, it also meant that they had suffered considerable injuries.

Even with their powerful strength as third-stage Heaven Control Martial Artists, it was impossible for them to be safe from the siege of more than a hundred A-rank ferocious beasts.

If not for the fact that the two of them had reacted quickly and rushed out of the encirclement immediately to return to space, they might have fallen in now.

“Strange, why did that kid enter? Even if his strength is not bad, how can he survive being surrounded by so many powerful ferocious beasts?” Ankelu frowned as he looked at the virtual screen in front of him with a puzzled expression.

After stabilizing the spaceship, they still ordered to release the monitoring satellite and include the entire planet in the monitoring.

In the monitoring screen of the satellite, it could be seen that the back of this planet was almost filled with ferocious beasts at this moment, and there was no lack of powerful A-rank ferocious beasts that made it a little difficult to deal with.

Therefore, this made him feel very strange.

Although Chu Nan’s strength was not bad, he was clearly not stronger than him or Rowe. How could he dare to rush into this planet alone?

What ability did he have to survive the siege of so many powerful ferocious beasts?

Rowe also frowned as the scene of Chu Nan suddenly disappearing in front of him with the condensation room flashed through his mind. A bold guess flashed through his mind.

“No… impossible…” Rowe shook his head.

“What’s impossible?” Ankelu asked in surprise.

Rowe pondered and said, “I’m thinking… could this kid… already have the ability to break the spatial wall…”

“What a joke!” Ankelu immediately glared, “This kid is at most at the initial-stage Heaven Control Realm. How can he break through the spatial wall? This is an ability that only Star-Grade Martial Artists can master! If he had the strength of a Star-Grade Martial Artist, he would have directly squeezed the two of us to death. Why would he need to dodge?”

Rowe frowned and thought for a moment, feeling that his guess was too ridiculous.

No matter what, that damned kid should not have such a shocking ability.

The fact that he could suddenly disappear in front of him previously might have allowed him to master a special cultivation method.

“Don’t think about all that nonsense. What do we do now?” Ankelu asked again. “Are we going to watch from here?”

“What else?” Rowe asked. “Now that the spaceship has been destroyed by that damned kid, we can only obediently wait for the higher-ups to send reinforcements. Moreover… this kid clearly has the ability to leave alone, but he always has to return to this planet. If I’m not wrong, the other guys he left should be on this planet now.”

“Oh?” Ankelu touched his chin and felt that Rowe’s guess made sense, “Then what should we do now? Go down and capture those guys? I don’t want to fight those damned ferocious beasts again.”

“There’s no need.” Rowe shook his head. “Just because that kid has the ability to leave doesn’t mean that the guys he saved have the ability. We’ll guard here and not let any of them escape.”

“I don’t like this passive method.” Ankelu frowned, but after thinking for a moment, he could not think of a better way.

He and Rowe were powerful and did not have to worry, but these people on the spaceship were their subordinates, so they could not ignore them.

Moreover, it was impossible for the two of them to monitor the entire planet in real-time, let alone find those people on the surface of the huge planet.

Therefore, the best way now was really to wait.

Rowe could only sigh in his mind.

This operation had been carefully planned, causing all their actions on the Orion Arm to be very smooth. They did not expect that at the last moment, they would be destroyed by Chu Nan, this damned kid, and they were even forced to guard here.

If it was only a failed operation, it would be fine. The greatest problem was that if this matter was exposed, it would cause extremely serious consequences. This was not something he, or even the people above him, could bear.

Thinking of this, Rowe looked at the planet displayed on the virtual screen, and strong killing intent appeared in his eyes.

Before he came this time, the higher-ups had already instructed that it was naturally good to capture those guys again. If not, he would kill them on the spot. He could not let them return to the Orion Arm alive!

Just as this thought flashed through his mind, a cry suddenly sounded.

Rowe frowned and turned around. He saw a subordinate pointing at the virtual screen in front of him in fear.

“What are you making a fuss about?” Before Rowe could speak, Ankelu cursed impatiently.

“Lord… Lord… someone…”

“Someone is here?” Rowe and Ankelu came to the subordinate’s side in surprise. They looked at the virtual screen in front of him and were immediately stunned.

This virtual screen was connected to one of the monitoring satellites. It should have displayed a scene somewhere on the planet, but now, there was only a huge face on the entire virtual screen.

They were already very familiar with this face. It was Chu Nan.

Rowe glanced at it and was immediately shocked.

From Chu Nan’s large face that occupied the entire scene, he was clearly beside the monitoring satellite!

“Oh no!”

Just as Rowe cried out softly, he saw a mocking smile appear on Chu Nan’s face. Then, a fist instantly filled the entire virtual screen.


A muffled explosion sounded, and the scene on the virtual screen instantly became completely dark.

“Lord… Lord, the satellite signal has disappeared…” The subordinate reported in a daze.

“I know!” Rowe waved his hand in frustration.

It was unknown how Chu Nan discovered these monitoring satellites. If he destroyed them all, they would lose all their monitoring of this planet and completely become blind.

On second thought, Rowe became happy.

He turned to Ankelu and said, “Very good. This kid wants to destroy these monitoring satellites so much, so I’m certain that the companions he saved are on this planet now!”

Ankelu nodded. “Yes, I think so too. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have attacked these satellites twice in a row.”

“Then it’s simple.” Rowe’s fists collided with each other, and the corners of his mouth curled into a sneer, “Let’s go. Since this kid is unwilling to escape himself, let’s kill him. As long as we kill him, his companions can forget about escaping.”

Ankelu’s eyes lit up and his expression instantly became excited. The smile on his face was filled with cruelty.

“That’s great! I’m already very unwilling not to kill this kid last time. This time, I don’t believe he can still survive after beating him into meat paste!”