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279 Human Trafficker

Wu Ling muttered softly, “I didn’t want to make things difficult for her. I just wanted the contents of the document to be consistent.”

Mr. Wu knew that Wu Ling was an inflexible person, so he could only explain the situation to her. “We belong to a subordinate unit of the government. To put it nicely, we’re officials, but in the end, we’re a department that exists to regulate and manage the public affairs of the entire society. Our main goal is to solve the problem. You have to know your priorities. Is your so-called unity the crux of this matter? Is it necessary?”

Wu Ling understood what Mr. Wu meant and whispered, “Then tomorrow, I’ll ask my supervisor to approve the office application form for ‘Delicious Food Factory’.”

Mr. Wu reminded her, “If your supervisor doesn’t approve, remember to ask the leader for the reason. Don’t argue foolishly. You have to be reasonable when retorting.”

The next morning, as Wu Ling looked at the signed document in her hand, she began to reflect on her work style.

“Sister, I want to go out and play!” Wu Gang tugged at his sister’s sleeve.

The kindergarten was on summer break now, and Grandma Wu had been feeling unwell for the past two days, so Mrs. Wu took leave and brought her to the hospital. Mr. Wu had to go to the city government for a meeting today, so the heavy responsibility of taking care of the child landed on Wu Ling.

As Wu Ling looked down at her three-year-old brother, she patted his little head and said, “Go, but you’re not allowed to leave the office building.”

Wu Gang nodded excitedly. This office was too small and he was done exploring it. It was time to go to the next place to start his adventure!

When Yu Bing and Xiao Sheng arrived at the metal door of the Commerce Bureau again, Yu Bing noticed that a middle-aged woman was squatting beside the metal door and feeding a little boy a lollipop.

When the woman saw Yu Bing looking at her, she pulled the child to the other side. As she walked, she asked, “Is this candy delicious? You can eat an orange-flavored candy later.”

When Yu Bing saw this, she felt very dejected. Was she being treated as a human trafficker again? After watching the woman disappear around the corner with the child, she retracted her gaze and looked at the office building in the distance as she said helplessly, “What if you get refused as well?”

Xiao Sheng chuckled. “This is unlike you. Didn’t you say that you’re an unkillable cockroach?”

Yu Bing also laughed. “That’s right! We have to do it even if we can’t!”

The two of them discussed their strategy for negotiating with Wu Ling later.

“Ah.” Yu Bing was caught off guard and bumped into someone’s arm.

“I’m sorry.” Yu Bing saw that it was the middle-aged woman she had seen just now. She was smiling and apologizing to her.

With that, the woman carried walked forward quickly with a snakeskin bag.

Yu Bing touched her arm, which was in pain from the collision. As she watched the woman disappear again, she felt that the other party was a little strange. Thinking of the conversation between the woman and the child she had just heard, the strange feeling in her heart intensified.

When Xiao Sheng saw Yu Bing’s dazed expression, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

When Yu Bing heard Xiao Sheng’s accent, her eyes widened slightly. She knew what was wrong now!

Previously, when the woman spoke to the child, she was coaxing the child to eat candy. However, parents were usually afraid that their child’s teeth would decay, so they rarely took the initiative to give candy. Moreover, as soon as she placed the first one in the child’s mouth, she was in a hurry to use the second one to entice him. Thinking of the kidnapping cases that the women mentioned, she was shocked. “That woman has an accent! Moreover, she didn’t have a snakeskin bag with her before. She only obtained it after she went to the corner with that child!”

Xiao Sheng quickly guessed what Yu Bing meant. “Human trafficker?”

Yu Bing grabbed Xiao Sheng’s hand. “Let’s chase after her!”

The two of them hurriedly rushed towards the direction where the woman had disappeared. However, when they reached the corner, they saw the woman turn into another alley. Yu Bing didn’t dare to shout loudly for fear of alerting the enemy, so she could only run with Xiao Sheng.

However, when they walked to the place where the woman had disappeared and saw the alleys, Yu Bing and Xiao Sheng didn’t know which one to take. They could only randomly choose one.

After more than ten minutes, they were lucky enough to see the woman again. She was still holding the snakeskin bag, and there was a man in blue clothes beside her.

The moment their eyes met, the woman immediately knew that Yu Bing and Xiao Sheng wanted to snatch the child in their hands, so she pulled the man’s hand and ran back.