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Chapter 4501 - 4501 The Other Side 470

4501 The Other Side 470

Alice stood in front of the door. “Don’t even think about leaving now that you’re here! It’s fine if you don’t want to play a punishment game. Let’s play for money then!”

Youyou and Gong Jie placed their bank cards on the table in tacit understanding.

The man had a Centurion Black Gold Card.

The actor’s eyes widened. “What sort of stakes?”


“A million a round!”

Youyou stuck out a finger. “Well, I’ll pay for Natalia’s share.”

Gong Jie looked at Hua Jin, who gulped, picked up his wallet, and placed a few bank cards on the table.

“That many?”

“No… I…”

Am poor!

Although he was considered rich compared to ordinary people, he was nowhere as rich as Gong Jie and Youyou! Moreover, a million yuan per round was too much! Hua Jin was on the verge of backing out!

After being taught the gameplay, the actor found himself only half understanding it. He looked at Gong Jie expectantly. At this point, it seemed that he was the only one he could rely on. “I’m counting on you, Gong Jie!”

“Hmph. It’s fine. It’s just a million yuan per round. Piece of cake.”

Youyou chimed in, “That’s right. If it weren’t for your sake, he would have doubled the stakes.”

“… Doubled the stakes?” The game would be in the tens of millions!! “Does it have to be so bloody?”

“There are winners and losers!” With that, Youyou looked at his uncle with a sinister expression. “Uncle, let’s fight to the death today.”

Alice took out the credit card reader beside her, looking all ready to enjoy the show.

No wonder she didn’t participate. If things freaking exploded in her face, she could stand to lose close to ten million! Although 10 million yuan was not a big deal for Gong Jie and Youyou, it was a fortune for her! This wasn’t a game of cards. This was a fight to the death.

The game began, and Gong Jie took the lead.

Hua Jin was still sorting out the cards when he saw Gong Jie and Youyou were done in a second and were already shuffling the cards.

The actor went through the cards and saw that he had a total of four singles. Gong Jie went first with a single 3. Hua Jin was secretly elated and eager for his turn.

However, the boy suddenly threw a trump card. Hua Jin’s gripped his single cards tightly, his hand practically trembling.

So ruthless right from the start?!

Youyou’s turn was just before Hua Jin’s, and his bets were quite heavy. Gong Jie, whose turn was before Youyou’s, was playing equally aggressively.

The two of them seemed to be clashing headlong.

“Four 8’s!”

“Five 2’s!”

“34567 straight flush!”

“10 JQKA straight flush!”


After three to four rounds, Hua Jin still did not have the chance to play a single card.

He did some mental calculations. If one base was a million yuan and one bomb was double, then a total of five bombs being blown up would be in the ballpark of…

Sixteen million…


He was about to faint…

Hua Jin was devastated.

He suddenly raised his hand and interrupted, “Um, let me ask you a question. Is that a million… RMB?”

The boy reminded him coolly, “I only have five cards left.”

“But… but…”

The actor was so flustered that he was on the verge of tears.

Sixteen million…

This invisible psychological pressure was simply making him panic!

Youyou was speechless as he watched Hua Jin break out in a cold sweat. “What… what’s going on with you?”

Alice explained, “Probably scared!”

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