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386 Who Is This Person?

“Old dogs, in that case, stay here forever!” Xiao Yan did not waste any time and stimulated all the energy in his body.

Fierce flames circulated quickly on his mark, filled with the power of destruction.

After all, Boss Zhou Han was still watching his performance from behind.

If he could not even do a small thing like clearing the area, wouldn’t he disappoint Boss?

Therefore, Xiao Yan did not waste any time. Since they were disobedient, he would kill them all!

“Kid, you have a death wish!”

“I won’t cause trouble, but I’m not afraid of trouble!”

“You’ve successfully angered me. Not only you but your entire God Slaying Hall will be destroyed today!”

Hearing Xiao Yan call them ‘old dogs’, these experts from the Ghost Domain could not take it anymore.

All of them were furious.

Their previous ordinary aura suddenly rose.

The power of the Emperor-grade was undoubtedly displayed.

“Good lord, why are there so many Emperor-grade experts? These old antiques of the Ghost Domain are hidden deep enough!”

“Yo! There’s going to be a good show. The God Slaying Hall is too domineering!”

“Very good! Let’s see how you deal with more than ten Emperor-grade experts!”

“Kill them, kill these hateful Dragon Kingdom players!”

The players who had not all left smiled excitedly.

It was mainly because they were unwilling.

Therefore, now that they saw more than ten Emperor-grade experts dealing with Xiao Yan, they began to gloat.

After all, it felt especially good to be miserable while others were worse off than you.

In their opinion, more than ten Emperor-grade experts were a very powerful force. The God Slaying Hall would definitely be gone.

“How arrogant! How arrogant!”

“The next scene will definitely be very satisfying. Nice, very nice!”

Under the anticipation of such foreign players, a huge battle was about to break out.

“Buddha’s Fury Green Lotus!”

“Flame Splitting Devouring Wave Ruler!”

“Three Thousand Burning Sword!”

[System prompt: Your teammate, Xiao Yan, has successfully killed the 2-star Emperor-grade Blood Rock Spirit Lord. He has obtained 20,000 experience points and 800 dungeon points for the team. Items have dropped…]

[Your teammate, Xiao Yan, has successfully killed the 3-star Emperor-grade Black Mountain Old Ghost. He has obtained 29,000 experience points and 1,300 dungeon points for the team. Items have dropped…]

[Your teammate, Xiao Yan, has successfully killed the 2-star Emperor-grade Dark Ghost Spirit. He has obtained 21,000 experience points and 900 dungeon points for the team. Items have dropped…]

[Your teammate, Xiao Yan, has successfully killed the 4-star Emperor-grade Cold Underworld Ghost Master. He has obtained 39,000 experience points and 1,500 dungeon points for the team. Items have dropped…]

Then the anticipation was maxed out. The battle was over in less than a second.

“What? That’s impossible!”

“What the f*ck? How can he be so strong?”

“This isn’t real!”

“Oh, no, oh my God!”

They were completely shocked. They had never expected this.

How strong must he be to insta-kill more than ten Emperor-grade experts?!

It simply subverted their understanding.

After all, the bosses of these zones only had the strength of a Hundred-Star King. They were still a long way from a One-Star Emperor-grade.

Not to mention that those four- and five-star Emperor-grade experts had all been killed by Xiao Yan.

“Hahaha, that’s it?”

“Who else is unconvinced?” Xiao Yan carried the Heaven Slaying Ruler and laughed impudently. His gaze was like lightning as he looked at everyone disdainfully.

Just now, he had directly released three big moves and wiped out the other party in one wave. It could be said that he had performed very stunningly.

“Boss must be very satisfied with my performance!” Xiao Yan said smugly in his heart.

Little did he know that Zhou Han, Han Qinxue, Mei Aoxue, Catherine, and the others were still being intimate. How could they have the time to watch his performance?

Just as Xiao Yan was showing off, an even more violent aura surged over.

The power of this power made Xiao Yan’s expression change. In a moment of desperation, he hurriedly placed the Heaven Slaying Ruler in front of him.

A second later, his body was sent flying.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know. It was too fast. When I came back to my senses, that person from the God Slaying Hall had already been sent flying!”

“Looks like there’s a hidden expert!”

“Oh, my God! It’s actually a nine-star Emperor-grade expert! He’s one step away from becoming a Divine-grade expert. How terrifying!”

“Is the God Slaying Hall really finished?”

“Of course. The strongest person has already been sent flying. He can’t be defeated at all!”

Seeing Xiao Yan’s domineering performance, everyone present naturally thought that he was the strongest person in the God Slaying Hall.

Now that they had been defeated, the God Slaying Hall was naturally finished.

However, he was destined to disappoint them again!

This was because Zhou Han’s gaze had already turned over.

It was indeed a nine-star Emperor-grade expert. The current Xiao Yan could not deal with him, but after he cultivated the [Heaven Burning Technique], killing a nine-star Emperor-grade expert was still very easy.

“Hmm? It’s you?”

“Hand over the Honorable Soul Banner and I’ll spare your life!” The Blazing Spirit Lord also felt Zhou Han’s gaze.

Soon, he discovered Zhou Han’s identity. At the entrance of the Xuanyuan Hall, he had seen Zhou Han use the Honorable Soul Banner.

He had been coveting this Dharma treasure for a long time.

Previously, because Zhou Han was too fast, he had no choice but to catch up.

He did not expect to encounter him again now. He had really searched high and low for it. The heavens were helping him.

“This powerful Dharma treasure will be mine soon!” The Blazing Spirit Lord revealed an excited smile.

Terrifying black energy turned into a huge hand that grabbed at Zhou Han.

“Blood Massacre Vision, die!” Zhou Han’s eyes narrowed, and a sharp energy fluctuation shot out.


The huge black hand shattered in the face of the violent impact.

“What, you…” The Blazing Spirit Lord’s face trembled, and a layer of sweat appeared on his forehead.

He turned around and began to escape with all his might without hesitation.

As soon as they fought, he immediately felt an unfathomable power.

He was as small as an ant under this power.

That was why he was completely terrified and fled without hesitation.

There was no chance of winning at all.

Even so, it was impossible to escape.

“Damn, can looks kill?”

“With just one look, a nine-star Emperor-grade expert was reduced to ashes!”

“Unbelievable! Is there really someone so powerful? It’s a player?”

“It’s like the power of a god. How terrifying!”

“Who is this person?”

This simple move stunned everyone. Their hearts were in turmoil and they were extremely shocked.

At this moment, in their opinion, Zhou Han’s powerful methods were no different from gods.

“Heh! You don’t have any sense at all. He’s Zhou Han, the first on the rankings!”

“The pride of my Dragon Kingdom is extremely powerful!” Long Ao shouted proudly.