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615 The Strange Black Bowl

If he could combine the ‘Qiankun Jin’ and the ‘Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor’, he might be able to raise his cultivation technique at Rank 1 of the divine realm to a higher level and become even more powerful.

Although the ‘Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor’ in his hand was only at the mythical grade, this was only the grade of the cultivation technique. It didn’t mean that the principles contained in the cultivation technique were low.

On the contrary, this ancient book had played a huge role since ancient times. Even in modern times, there were very few Chinese who did not know about this book. It was evident that it was a classic.

Zhao Sheng stepped forward and said unnaturally, “Senior, I don’t have that much money. Can I also buy a copy? It doesn’t matter if it’s a little worse.”

The old beggar shook his head and said, “No. I only sell one book at a time. Today’s fate had already come to an end. It’s not good to forcefully form a new fate”

He wasn’t here to sell cultivation techniques. He was only here to befriend.

“Alright, Zhao Sheng. It’s not like we don’t have similar cultivation techniques in the Scripture Library. The ‘Four-form Code’ that you’re cultivating is one of the top cultivation techniques. If you need any cultivation techniques or magical powers, you can go to the library to choose when you return. This time, everyone can get merit points and receive rewards. It will be enough for you to exchange for the cultivation techniques and battle skills you want,” said Li Xiang indifferently.

Nothing can be forced.

The beggar’s motive was definitely not as simple as it seemed. Although he didn’t know the answer, he shouldn’t have any ill intentions.

There were some things that he didn’t need to care about too much.

“Hehe! Little brother, don’t be in such a hurry to leave. I ate your food, so I’ll return you a bowl of water.” The old beggar chuckled as he spoke. Then, his gaze fell on the black broken bowl in front of him.

He touched it casually and said, “Quickly come into the bowl!”


Two strange black shadows suddenly broke out of the ground, accompanied by two cries of surprise. It seemed that they were somewhat involuntary, being bound by a mysterious and powerful force and forcibly pulled out of the ground.

The speed was too fast, so everyone could only see two black shadows. Then, they saw two huge figures approaching the black broken bowl, and their bodies were shrinking rapidly.

“What the h*ll is that?”

Li Xiang and the others took a closer look, and their eyes suddenly narrowed.

“Scorpion race? Are they hiding underground, preparing to assassinate again?”

Li Xiang frowned slightly. These things didn’t fight him head-on at all. Instead, they hid in the dark and used underhanded means to deal with him.

This method was very difficult to deal with. The first thing to do was to find them.

However, it was too difficult to look for the enemy who hid in the wilderness.

This time, it was another two divine realm powerhouses.

Ever since they came out, these divine realm powerhouses were like cabbages being everywhere. However, he discovered that these powerhouses seemed to be weaker than him, a transcendent of the same level. There was a huge gap between them. They did not seem like they were in the divine realm.

Now, he was certain that those in the divine realm, even if they were of the same rank, their strength could be a huge difference.

Therefore, it was impossible to measure a person’s strength with the realm sometimes.

As for their strength, they would at most be in the mythical realm.

Li Xiang gently exhaled, and his eyes flickered slightly.

Looking at the expressions of the two guys, it was obvious that they did not jump out of their free will, but were involuntarily pulled out by a mysterious force.

The moment these two guys approached the black bowl, their bodies began to shrink rapidly. In the blink of an eye, they had shrunk to the size of soybeans and strangely fell into the black broken bowl.

But soon after, they disappeared mysteriously.

If they had not seen it with their eyes, no one would have believed this. This was like a scene from a legend, and it shocked everyone.

“What kind of treasure is this? It can forcefully take in such a huge powerhouse of the Scorpion race!”

“It’s so strange. How did the Scorpion race get caught? I didn’t notice any trace of them before.”

“Could this bowl also be some kind of incredible rare treasure?”

The gazes of Li Xiang and the others could not help but freeze on the spot. The way they looked at the old beggar’s broken black bowl became completely different.

“Quickly come into the bowl!” The old beggar knocked on the black bowl and said with a smile again.


A black shadow was drawn out of the trunk of a tall ancient tree without any warning and fell into the bowl. The divine realm powerhouse did not seem to have any ability to resist this strange black bowl.

“Quickly come into the bowl!” The old beggar knocked on the bowl again and said for the third time.


“Oh no! There’s an old monster here.”

“I can’t control my body anymore. An invisible hand is grabbing me. No! I don’t want to go into the bowl!”

One after another, foreign race assassins were being extracted from their surroundings.

As the old beggar kept saying the sentence, the foreign races were drawn into the bowl. It was as if a mysterious force was controlling them to walk into the bowl.

The entire process was extremely peculiar.

Li Xiang and the others were shocked and went speechless by this scene.

This old beggar was bizarre. There was no clue at all about the method he used.

However, Li Xiang realized that this was probably a strange divine power between the old beggar and the black broken bowl.

“If senior were to call me that, would I also directly fall into the bowl?” Zhao Sheng shrunk his neck and felt a chill run down his spine.

This scene was indeed a little too frightening and made one’s hair stand on end!

“Haha! It’s fine now. The hidden ingredients are all in the bowl. Come and take a look! I’ll treat you to some water.” The old beggar chuckled as he knocked on the black bowl.

Then, from the black bowl that contained more than ten assassins, a clear liquid emerged. It was a transparent amber color and very viscous.

The sight of it made one yearn for it.

No one knew where the liquid came from, but it kept increasing, filling up the space in the bowl bit by bit.

In just a few breaths’ time, it became full.

It was obvious that this was not ordinary water.

“Is this the liquid formed after refining those foreign races?” Li Xiang’s eyes narrowed as he asked the old beggar.

“Yes, it is. Do you dare to drink it?”

The old beggar looked at him with a smile.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Li Xiang smiled indifferently and said decisively.

He reached out and picked up the black bowl. He felt that the black bowl was not light. It was probably no less than a few hundred pounds. For a bowl, this was not an ordinary weight. It was completely inconceivable. It was obvious that the material of this bowl was extraordinary.

He put the bowl to his mouth and took a sip without hesitation.

The liquid in the bowl flowed down his throat and into his body. It was an indescribable feeling. It was incomparably smooth, like silk, giving people a relaxed and happy feeling.

Almost subconsciously, more than half of the bowl of liquid had already fallen into his stomach.