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308 These Two Are Enemies?

Su Qian was completely angered by Huo Qi. He couldn’t care less if he was going to fall out with Huo Qi! He still couldn’t accept the scenes that Huo Qi had portrayed. His sister was his sister, and no one could touch her!

Su Qing sighed. She glanced at Huo Qi, who was beside her, and then at Su Qian, whose face was red with anger. She said to Wu Mu, “Mu Zi, let go of Su Qian! Let him fight Huo Qi. I’ll be the judge. Whoever wins will have the final say in the future!”

Huo Qi and Su Qian were both speechless.

Wu Mu raised her eyebrows slightly and asked with uncertainty, “Qingqing, are you serious?”

Su Qing didn’t answer. She nimbly pulled out the chair in front of her and took five steps back. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked up calmly at Huo Qi and Su Qian before answering Wu Mu’s question, “Of course it’s true! I’ve always hated dilly-dallying and pestering. This time, I might as well resolve it in one go!”

“Since they’re unwilling to submit to each other verbally, let’s fight. If you’re a man, be more unyielding and fight! Whoever wins will have the right to speak!”

As Su Qing spoke, her exquisite and beautiful face seemed to be covered in frost, and her aura was so cold that it was freezing!

At this moment, Wu Mu could also tell that Su Qing was really angry. She wasn’t joking with them!

The last time she saw Su Qing so emotional was many years ago.

The pain and sorrow that Su Qing had experienced was something that most ordinary people could not imagine in their lives! Su Qing had suffered a lot of pain. In order to live a happier life for the rest of her life, she had learned it by herself. She put away her useless emotions and became a rational person!

However, when she faced the two people in front of her who she also cared about, their never-ending hostility and arguments put her in a dilemma. She had never encountered such a situation in the past, so she didn’t have any cases to refer to. The feeling of being in a dilemma was very uncomfortable. Su Qing wasn’t someone who would sit back and wait for death, so she chose to attack directly!

The sea breeze brushed past Su Qing’s side profile from time to time, as though he wanted her to calm down, but the effect wasn’t good. The more Su Qing thought about it, the angrier she became. She glanced at Huo Qi and Su Qian and said coldly, “What are you waiting for? Let’s start!”