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309 Might As Well Fight

Huo Qi looked at Su Qing inquisitively. When he saw her silent expression, he immediately confirmed that something was wrong. His darling had really been angered! He couldn’t help but quarrel with Su Qian just now. He had tried his best, but he had also offended Su Qing!

“Qingqing, don’t be angry! You won’t look pretty if you’re so angry,” Huo Qi said with a smile, wanting to ease the atmosphere.

The fawning and docile look in his eyes made Wu Mu and Yuan Yang’s jaws drop. Huo Qi’s attributes as a slave to his wife seemed to have been exposed a little too early.

Su Qian swallowed his saliva and looked up at his sister. He broke free from Wu Mu and Yuan Yang’s restraints and said guiltily, “Sister, I…”

Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Huo Qi’s subordinates who rushed out of the cabin. “Young Master! There’s a ship approaching us from behind. It’s already in range! Should we attack?”

Huo Qi turned around. Before he could speak, Su Qian interrupted him. “Don’t fight! That should be my second brother and the others! They’re here to look for us!”

When Su Qing heard this, she looked at him with a puzzled frown. “Why are they here?”

At this moment, Su Qian didn’t dare to tell the truth. He could only stammer and find an excuse to coax his sister. “Perhaps Second Brother wants to come over and fish too! He’s been training quite hard recently!”

Huo Qi had a feeling that since the Su brothers could chase him here, it was definitely not because of such an insignificant reason. He glanced at the guilty Su Qian and a naughty idea rose in his mind. He raised his hand and gestured to his subordinates, indicating for them to let him up.

He turned around and looked at Su Qing, who was looking at Su Qian doubtfully. He said diplomatically, “Since your brothers are here, let’s go back to the deck! I’ll get Huo Feng to open a bottle of good wine and taste it later! What do you think, Su Qian?”

Su Qian was stunned. When he met Huo Qi’s deep eyes, he suddenly reacted and added, “That’s right, that’s right! Let’s go back!”

Wu Mu looked at the two men who only knew how to cooperate now and couldn’t help but chuckle. She only felt that the useless tacit understanding between Huo Qi and Su Qian was really too funny!

After Qingqing’s simple straight attack, the two men, who had been at odds just now, broke through the situation that had just put Qingqing in a dilemma!

One was her biological brother, and the other was the man she liked. It wasn’t what Su Qing wanted to favor either side, and that wasn’t her personality!

Therefore, she could only offend both of them!

“Are you done arguing? Are you still going to fight?” Su Qing asked coldly, her exquisite and beautiful eyes filled with coldness and judgment.

Su Qian looked at his sister’s cold expression. After some thought, he shook his head and replied, “I’m not arguing anymore. I’m not fighting either.”

Su Qian, who had been woken up by his sister’s actions just now, regained some of his rationality!

Fight with Huo Qi?

Putting aside how his sister came up with this idea, the truth was that he was really no match for Huo Qi.

Su Qian, who had woken up from his anger just now, still knew his limits!

If he really rushed up in a fit of anger and fought Huo Qi, he would have to shed a layer of skin even if he didn’t die. At this moment, Su Qian felt that it was best not to show off his fancy moves in front of a man like Huo Qi, who licked blood every day! He was really not that man’s match. There was no need to even think about it!

Huo Qi remained silent. His attitude was already very obvious. As long as Su Qing wasn’t angry or said anything in anger, everything else was fine. After all, she was his wife. It wasn’t impossible for him to give in and coax her.

The atmosphere between the few of them was very subtle for a moment. Wu Mu was also a little uncertain about Su Qing’s attitude. She took a step forward and grabbed Su Qing’s sleeve. Before she could say anything to comfort her, she was interrupted by Su Qing.

Su Qing heard several different footsteps in the cabin behind her. She said in a low voice, “I’m indeed your sister, but I’m also a person. I don’t need anyone to control and guide me. I don’t need anyone to do what I should or shouldn’t do!”