Reborn Mistress’ Scumbag Manual

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Oh no! The phoenix lady living above everyone in the Celestial Empire drank herself to death!

Her spirit attached itself to a good-for-nothing young miss living in the modern era?

Both of them clearly bear the same name and are with a similar appearance but their identities and status are millions of miles away from each other.

Can someone please explain, this young lady obviously have great prestige and figure, so how can she live the life of a good-for-nothing?

When memories coincide, friends deceive, families abandon, scumbags entrap, she finally ceased to exist.

Lu Nan almost went mad with anger!

Friends?! I will help you wash your eyes properly so you’ll know conducting yourself with integrity is key.

Family?! I want you and your insides to be grounded to dust, never to be free.

Scum?! I want you to be beaten within every inch of your life, till you cannot perform the most basic human action.

To cheat, disgrace and to plot against me, expect more than a tenfold payment.

By the way—

Who is this sly fox? Quickly roll away from this old lady’s presence!


Cheng Mo Author

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Last Updated : 2 Weeks Ago
Type : Web Novel
Language : Chinese
Status : Ongoing