The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1296: 1296
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1296 Forging Completion!

Victoria stayed alone in the hotel and found a room. She specially put on some makeup and made herself look like a middle-aged woman in her forties. She looked like a nanny.

After the Howards found this place, they took advantage of the chaos to get into the car and return to the villa.

Since Victoria was being controlled today and her whereabouts were unknown, Jordan sent almost everyone he could send out. Not only that, but there were also people from the Howards and Lionel’s side. There were people from all walks of life who came to find Victoria.

It could be said that this was a very chaotic time. There were people that they did not know, and no one cared.

Victoria also took advantage of the chaos and slipped into the nanny room on the first floor of the villa to hide.

Not long after, she saw 2021 Jordan, receive a call and rush over. When he saw the unconscious Victoria in 2021, he hurriedly took off the ancient accessories on her body to wake her up.

Then, he told her what had happened today.

Victoria could not help but feel a lump in her throat when she saw Jordan saying these words so patiently and gently to her in 2021 with love.

“At this moment, Jordan loves me so much. Sigh, can I never go back to such a happy life? Only when I change Jordan’s memories and eliminate his hatred for me can we be together again.”

Through the crack in the door, Victoria watched everything with envy.

She knew that Jordan would bathe with her past self next. Then, they would go to the room to make love.

Victoria was currently dressed as a nanny. Her conservative method was to hide in her room and not wander around. However, she could not help but run over to peek. She wanted to reminisce about the blissful times in the past.

“He loves me so much… I love what he did to me at this moment! I love the way he looks at me at this moment!”

Victoria carefully pushed open the door to Jordan and Victoria’s room in 2021. Through the crack in the door, she saw the loving scene between the two of them.

However, at this moment.


Suddenly, Victoria heard Lauren’s voice from behind!

“Oh no!”

Victoria became nervous and quickly closed the door. Her back was still facing her, not daring to look back.

Although she had disguised herself, she was too familiar with Lauren and was still worried that Lauren would recognize her.

“Yes,” Victoria responded.

Lauren asked from afar, “Nanny, what are you doing there? If there’s anything, look for them later. It’s not convenient now. Why don’t you go to the kitchen and make something? Jordan hasn’t eaten because of Victoria today. He’ll definitely be hungry after the exercise.”

Unexpectedly, it was Lauren who instructed Victoria to cook in the kitchen.


Victoria was treated as a nanny by Lauren. She naturally went to the kitchen and used the black fish she brought to make a very delicious pickled fish for Jordan.

At that moment, Jordan came out of Victoria’s room in 2021 and went to look for Lauren.

Taking advantage of this time, Victoria quietly pushed open the door to her room in 2021. She had already used her mental energy to sense that she was asleep.

Taking out a pen and paper, she wrote a note on the bedside.

‘Hubby, I’m going to sleep first. I made you a pickled fish in the kitchen. You must eat it. Also, I love you.”

Victoria couldn’t help but sigh after writing the last line.

Victoria gently caressed herself and said, “Everything will be fine.”

Not long after, Jordan returned from Lauren’s room. He saw that Victoria was already asleep and had left him a note.

When he arrived at the kitchen, Jordan saw a fish with pickled cabbage that looked, smelled, and tasted great.

“Victoria has gone through so much today and still wants to cook for me. I must finish all of it!”

Feeling full of love, Jordan ate all the fish made by Victoria.

Jordan could differentiate between Victoria’s culinary skills and the cooking skills of the nanny they hired. He knew that it was Victoria’s cooking when he took the first bite.

After that, Jordan returned to Victoria’s room and hugged her. This posture would last until dawn.

After seeing Jordan finish the pickled fish, Victoria returned to the bar to meet Mike Baylor.

Mike Baylor asked, “He ate it?”

Victoria nodded. “Yes.”

Mike Baylor became happy. “Hahaha, very good! Victoria, you did well this time. Soon, you will receive the reward you deserve. Alright, let’s go back. Let’s wait for a brand new Jordan to arrive!”

Year 2022.

At that moment, Jordan was still in Jiumo Kasyapa, India, continuing to build his Hell Space.

Jordan had the help of the world’s top experts. He used technological methods to enrich the traps and weapons in his space.

On the other hand, Jiumo Kasyapa had been watching from the side. He was amazed to see Jordan’s Hell Space evolve with thousands of changes.

When Jordan finally came to an end, Jiumo Kasyapa quickly stepped forward.

“Deity Jordan, you’re really a genius! In just a few days, you built such a huge and magical space! Moreover, you combined technology with the abilities given by the Immortal Lake. You’re really the number one person in the world!

“The suction force of the magnetic field near the vortex is enough to deter the golden-horned dragon from flying in the sky and borrowing the power of lightning. Once it steps on the ground, it will fall into the traps set by Deity Jordan! Not only that, Jordan even thought of creating AI robots to create black-armored soldiers and weapons of mass destruction. How admirable!

“Deity Jordan is creating something out of nothing now. Your ability is limited and you can’t create a missile at once, but you can create weapon parts and robot parts. Let the robots help you build a missile in this space.

“With Deity Jordan’s current speed, you can automatically produce one black-armored warrior robot and ten robot builders every ten minutes. Every half an hour, these robots can make a laser missile. In other words, the longer you fight in this Hell Space, the more beneficial it will be for you. The more powerful your weapons will be! Jordan, you won’t have to worry about your mental strength and stamina being exhausted like last time!

“I’m really lucky to be able to see all of this with my own eyes!”

Jordan looked at Jiumo Kasyapa and said, “Master, I have the Hell Space. I hope you can hide this secret for me. Don’t tell Mike Baylor and the Moon Maiden for the time being.”

After all, Jordan had been building his “Hell Space” day and night. Now, it finally had a considerable lethality. Jordan was also confident that he could definitely defeat Mike Baylor’s golden-horned dragon now!

The only thing that worried Jordan was that he should not let Jiumo Kasyapa know all the details within it so clearly…