The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1297: 1297
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1297 I’m Back!

Jordan liked to catch his opponent off guard. It would be troublesome if Mike Baylor knew in advance that he had Hell Space.

Jiumo Kasyapa immediately stretched out his hand with a serious expression and promised, “I swear that if I tell anyone that Deity Jordan has a hell space, I will go to the eighteenth level of hell to suffer the pain of reincarnation!”

Hearing this, Jordan said immediately, “Master, you don’t have to do this. We’re friends. Of course, I trust you. Besides, if it weren’t for your guidance, I wouldn’t have been able to create this hell space. Master, you’ve done a lot for me today!”

Jiumo Kasyapa quickly said, “I don’t dare to take credit. Deity Jordan, since the Hell Space is almost built, why don’t you go back and have a cup of tea and rest?”

Jordan nodded. Ever since he ran out in the middle of the night, he had not slept for two consecutive days and nights. He had been busy building Hell Space. If it were an ordinary person, they would have collapsed from exhaustion.

It was true that Jordan was a little tired now. However, he was still excited and not sleepy.

Returning to the magnificent temple of Jiumo Kasyapa, the two came to the high platform in the air to drink tea again.

Jiumo Kasyapa took the initiative to apologize, “I really deserve to die. I shouldn’t have gone to look for you. I accidentally found out that you had a big secret like the Hell Space. Sigh, in fact, at that time, I noticed that some Indian police officers had received a police report. I was afraid that they would disturb you, so I came out to stop them. Don’t worry. I’ll forget about your Hell Space as soon as possible. I won’t cause you any trouble!”

Jiumo Kasyapa knew very well that Jordan was a person who liked to hide secrets. He knew such a big secret about Jordan, and the two of them had not known each other for long. Their trust was not high enough, which was not a good thing.

Jordan said with a smile, “Master Jiumo, you’re overthinking it. At that time, I was so engrossed in researching a powerful space that I completely forgot about the surrounding environment. I have to thank you for helping me solve this problem. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if ordinary people found out and spread it online.

“Master, here’s to you.”

Jiumo Kasyapa also quickly picked up his teacup and took a sip. “Deity Jordan, now that your Hell Space has been completed, why don’t you rest for a night and stay here for a few more days? Tomorrow morning, I have a Buddhist lecture. I hope Deity Jordan can come and discuss it with us.”

Jordan felt a little awkward. The reason why he stayed here was because Jiumo Kasyapa had invited Jordan to attend his Buddhist class. However, Jordan had not attended it.

Jordan said, “Master Jiumo is the most outstanding Buddhist master in the world. Many celebrities and tycoons specially fly over to ask for guidance so that you could guide them in their lives. It can be said that listening to your lecture is better than ten years of life experience.

“I also have a lot of worries about life and emotions, and I really want to stay and listen to Master Jiumo’s Buddhist lessons, but… you know that I am a layman. Now that I have the means to deal with Mike Baylor, I can’t wait to find him and get back the face I lost last time, so I’m afraid I can only find another opportunity.”

Jordan did not have the mood and time to stay here and listen to Jiumo Kasyapa talk about life and Buddhism. He wanted to fight that damned golden horned dragon. He wanted the arrogant Mike Baylor to bow down to him!

As such, Jordan did not want to wait a minute longer!

Jiumo Kasyapa was a little disappointed, but he also smiled and said, “I understand. Last time, Deity Jordan failed to defeat Mike Baylor and lost the control of Immortal Lake and the mutants. The mutants, including your old love, Victoria, will definitely have some mocking or bad thoughts about you. Now that Jordan has a way to deal with Mike Baylor, it’s time to challenge him again.

“Do you need me to teleport you to the Immortal Lake?”

Jordan took a sip of tea and said, “No need. I have to go back to the capital to see my subordinates first. When I reach the capital, I’ll take a plane to Immortal Lake. If you’re the one who sends me there, Mike Baylor will know that we’re close. If I lose to Mike Baylor again, I’m afraid I’ll implicate you.”

Jordan knew that Jiumo Kasyapa had always maintained a neutral attitude. He did not want to implicate him.

Jiumo Kasyapa said, “Okay, after drinking this cup of tea, I will send you to the capital.”

Jordan nodded with a smile, “Thank you, Master.”

Ten minutes later, Jordan quickly returned to the capital with Jiumo Kasyapa’s help.

When they arrived at Jordan’s villa again, his subordinates rushed to spread the news when they saw Jordan return. They were all unusually excited.

However, Jordan did not see Salvatore, Park Sora, or Dragon along the way.

“Where are Salvatore and the others?”

One of his subordinates answered, “We’ve already sent the message. They’ll come out to welcome Mr. Jordan immediately!”

Jordan said, “There’s no need. Tell me where they are. I’ll go see them.”


Under the guidance of his subordinates, Jordan arrived at a house beside Jordan’s villa. He realized that Salvatore, Park Sora, and Dragon were all in the house. Moreover, the three of them were undergoing treatment.

“Mr. Jordan!”


The three of them were excited to see Jordan return.

Jordan walked in and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Salvatore was still alive. However, when he walked closer, he saw that one of his legs was crippled. The doctor had now attached a prosthetic limb to him.

Salvatore saw that Jordan wanted to stand up, but it was obvious that he had yet to recover. Just as he was about to stand up, he fell back onto the sofa.


Park Sora suddenly pounced on Jordan with tears in her eyes. She took the initiative to complain, “Brother, you’re finally back. Two days ago, Mike Baylor sent a few ferocious beasts to the capital to cause trouble for us. Many of our subordinates died. Salvatore’s leg was broken too. I was poisoned and Dragon was injured. Boohoo… You have to avenge us.”

Jordan patted Park Sora’s head and looked at Salvatore. He asked, “Why is there a prosthetic leg? Is the leg so badly crippled? Can’t it be repaired?”

Salvatore smiled and said, “Recovery is a little slow. The doctor said that it would take at least a year, so I asked the doctor to change it to prosthetic leg directly. A prosthetic leg is good. Mr. Jordan, this prosthetic leg can contain weapons. In the future, my hands and feet can attack. Give me a month, and I’ll definitely become even more awesome than before!”

Seeing Jordan’s pained expression, Salvatore continued, “Mr. Jordan, you don’t have to feel sorry for me. It’s all thanks to you predicting that something would happen to me in advance. Dragon asked Rong Bingshao to keep an eye on me. As soon as something happened to me, Bingshao immediately saved me. If not for you, I would have gone to see the King of Hell now. Hehe.”

Jordan knew that Salvatore did not need any comforting words. He looked at Park Sora and asked, “What’s wrong with you? How did you get poisoned? Do the mutated black tiger and mutated gorilla still have poison attacks?”

Park Sora kept crying aggrievedly. She did not look too good and reached out her hand. “Hug me properly, brother. I’m really the core of the battle this time. It’s all thanks to me that I defeated those ferocious beasts!”

As Jordan pressed Park Sora’s head gently, he pretended to complain to Dragon, who did not seem to be injured, “Dragon, why didn’t you look after Park Sora?”

Dragon said truthfully, “Miss Park Sora was too obsessed with fighting. Actually, she was accidentally injured by our poisonous gas team. In the end, we used poisonous gas to attack and asked her to retreat, but she insisted on cutting off the gorilla’s claws with her own hands. She said that she wanted to show it to you when you returned. She couldn’t fight for a long time before she was poisoned…”

Jordan looked down at Park Sora, “You were poisoned by one of our own?”

Park Sora was very embarrassed. She buried her face in Jordan’s arms. “Ah, you can’t say it like that. Anyway, you have to avenge me.”

Salvatore said, “Sora, don’t be like this. Mr. Jordan isn’t Mike Baylor’s match yet. Don’t rush Mr. Jordan.”

Jordan patted Park Sora’s shoulder and said to Salvatore and Dragon, “No, I came back this time to avenge you!”