The Secret Life Of An Honor Student

Yūtōsei no Ura no Kao ~ jitsuwa ura aka joshidatta tonari no seki no bishōjo to hōkago futarikiri ~ 優等生のウラのカオ ~実は裏アカ女子だった隣の席の美少女と放課後二人きり~
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  • Vol. 01


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If you keep it a secret, I’ll let you have some fun.

Akito Aisaka, 16 years old, in the fall of his junior year in high school.

Accidentally discovered that the Model Student sitting next to him was a girl who liked to post her sexy photos on a Social Media platform 18.

She coincidentally meets Yuu Mamiya and accidentally finds out her true identity and is threatened by an exhibitionist girl who is a model student in her class and also a two-faced girl.

“Since you are the only one who knows my true identity, I guess I should punish you~”

“Go back to the girl of my dreams- no, go back to being that model student Mamiya!!!”

Mamiya to prevent her from speaking, and forced me to help her do a rather naughty photo shoot after school.

The photo shoot went on to things that I could never tell anyone else about. ……

The amount of time spent alone together was increasing, though I was always overwhelmed by her. We met secretly, took pictures, went on dates, and back home, the time we spent together accumulated and revealed her true face.


Kurage Author

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