Versatile Mage

Chapter 3089: 3089
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3089 Vatican Sunflowers Trap

A hand slammed Brooke’s head. Then, the giant black wings stretched out with great force. Before Brooke could react, Mu Bai had lifted him into the blood-red sky with the Fallen Wings.

The blood-red sky was churning like a vortex in a sea of blood. The vortex was filled with pale and sharp lightning. Each lightning was like an ancient dragon that bared its teeth and claws.

Mu Bai pushed Brooke into the blood vortex. In this misty and abyss-like world, a powerful Holy Shadow like him was a mortal with no power to resist such an onslaught. Compared with the messenger of the dark gods like Mu Bai, he was vulnerable!

Brooke tried to break free, but he was like a drowning person. His body swelled. No matter how hard he tried, he could only sink. The thick blood poured into his throat, nostrils, and ears. It clogged all his organs.

Mu Bai’s steel hand was still holding Holy Shadow Brooke’s head. His fair face showed a terrifying indifference. The giant black wings behind him spread out gently. The wind blew from the darkest abyss.

Brooke struggled violently. He almost twisted his limbs. However, he eventually stopped moving after a series of convulsions. His joints became limp.

Only then did Mu Bai let go, allowing Holy Shadow Brooke’s stiff body to fall.

Brooke fell into the dark abyss of the blood-red magic sky. The foggy realm had no land and sky like the ordinary world. It was like a dark purgatory.

Holy Shadow Brooke kept falling into the abyss. His body gradually became smaller, and the endless darkness swallowed the Holy Shadow Light on his body.

He fell until he turned into an insignificant speck of dust. The dark abyss was deep and huge enough to make him disappear.

In the endless dark abyss, Brooke’s body gradually burned due to the momentum of the fall, and the firelight from his corpse only illuminated a small area of the dark abyss.

The flames of the abyss engulfed his face. In the swaying flames, one could vaguely see his pain before death, as well as the despair and disbelief of seeing a real Fallen Angel.

The fog dissipated, and the abyss disappeared.

Mu Bai stood under the eaves of the tower. His face was pale. He had not even moved a step. Besides Brooke’s disappearance, nothing had changed around him.

Mu Bai hurriedly glanced at Mo Fan and then at Michael, who was above the Holy Palace of the Sky Holy City.

Michael opened his eyes. Those eyes that were as sharp as an eagle in the sky stared straight at him.

He still could not escape the eyes of Archangel Michael. The Sixteen-winged Blazing Angel was a legendary existence.

“What a windfall! It’s so exciting!” Michael stared at Mu Bai. Michael saw a pair of black soul wings on Mu Bai’s ordinary body.

After counting carefully, he found out Mu Bai also had twelve black soul wings. He turned out to be a messenger appointed by the Dark King!

The shock of finding a Fallen Angel was not something light!

Michael never thought that this dispute would involve a Fallen Angel. Michael, who had always been hostile to the Dark Plane, suddenly felt that he had made a wise choice this time.

“You deliberately exposed yourself to attract the arrogant Holy Shadow Brooke. You thought you could weaken the power of Holy City without anyone noticing, but you didn’t know that your tricks could not escape my eyes. With your appearance, I have no worries at all!” Michael smiled arrogantly.

Mu Bai took a deep breath to calm himself. He was indeed reckless.

Mo Fan had repeatedly hinted at him to refrain from taking any action, but Mu Bai had not wanted to wait.

Mu Bai deliberately exposed himself to lure Brooke.

Just like he expected, Brooke did not bring other Holy City personnel. Mu Bai could deal with Brooke within a controllable range.

Unfortunately, Michael still saw through his trick.

Crack. Crack.

A sound rose around Mu Bai. On the wooden tower, a blue vine was winding down like a living snake and gradually approaching Mu Bai under the eaves.

On the street, the sunflowers that did not seem special faced Mu Bai like living faces.

The number of vines kept increasing and slowly covered the street where Mu Bai was hiding. Each sunflower bloomed with a coquettish charm, but they looked like a beast that would pounce on people at any time!

“Vatican Sunflowers Formation!”

Mo Fan recognized this special plant-based power immediately. When Zhan Kong was in Sky Holy City, these weird Vatican Sunflowers blocked and trapped him!

Michael, with Green Holy Feather, was the most powerful Plant Element Forbidden Mage. His God’s gift was to lock the city with Vatican Sunflowers.

“Even though these Vatican Sunflowers weren’t specially prepared for you, you deserve them.” Michael grinned.

The Vatican Sunflowers swayed. The cyan petals were dazzling. The vines and Vatican Sunflowers around Mu Bai kept increasing.

The huge sunflowers swayed suddenly. A Holy Judge, wearing green armor, appeared among the sunflowers and vines as if he had been waiting there for a long time.

The other sunflowers were also swaying. The green figure moved, and a group of Holy Judges appeared neatly on the street next to Mu Bai. These people seemed to be able to teleport in space. The special Vatican Sunflower Formation sent a huge army of Holy Judges to Mu Bai’s vicinity!

It only took a few seconds for the Vatican Sunflowers and the Holy Judges Army to surround Mu Bai. Mu Bai was originally in a relatively safe and hidden place, but he now faced a dire situation.

“In my era, the last thing I need is a Fallen Angel. Go back to hell and find a good position for your friend so that you two can never have peace in that stinking, corrupt, and lifeless rotten plane!” Michael’s tone revealed his disgust for darkness. He hated Mu Bai, a Fallen Angel who was alive in this world.

Mu Bai felt the pressure of the Holy City Army. He tried his best to keep calm.

Even though Mu Bai knew it was a mistake, he would still make the decision he was going to make now.

Mo Fan shook his head to stop Mu Bai because he did not want Mu Bai to face this danger alone. However, hope became elusive the longer they waited.

Only those who had personally stepped into the real hell would know what a terrible world it was. No matter how firm the will, how powerful the soul, and how noble his humanity, he would be destroyed to nothing.

So, Mu Bai felt that Mo Fan should not end up in such a place. He should leave that kind of place for Mu Bai.

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