Versatile Mage

Chapter 3090: 3090
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3090 New Rules

“I represent the Dark King. I’m the messenger of the Dark King, who symbolizes the Black Magic of the mortal world.”

“I forbid Mo Fan from hell.”

“Michael, whose law are you flouting if you insist on going your own way?”

It should be up to him, a Fallen Angel, to decide who went to hell, not these angels who represented the light from heaven!

Since when did this one person have the final say on the order of the world?

While enjoying the power and pride that Dark Magic brought to people, they denied the messenger of the Dark King the right to speak in the world. Holy City was undoubtedly offending the ruler of the Dark Plane. They hated the ruler of darkness the most!

“Someone has to set the rules. It just so happens that I already have an idea for a new rule, and I want to discuss it with the top ten magic organizations. Since you’re the messenger of the Dark King in the world, we can gather and reset the rules,” Michael said to Mu Bai.

Michael smiled. “The new rule is that everything in the world would be decided by me, Michael, the Sixteen-Winged Blazing Angel of the Holy City. I have the final say on who enters the church. I have the final say on who goes to hell. I will kill whoever dares to show the slightest contempt and provocation to the Holy City!”

His smile turned maniacal. He then laughed arrogantly.

The ever-expanding Vatican Sunflowers gradually covered the urban area where Mu Bai stood. Soon, the Vatican Sunflowers grew into a huge flower forest, and the mazes in the Vatican Sunflower Garden were all Holy Judges and Divine Judges. He would have to kill all the powerful Holy City Army. Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to escape the trap set by Michael.

The Vatican Sunflowers were so dense that Mo Fan could not see what was going on inside. This made Mo Fan even more worried about Mu Bai. Even though he was a Fallen Angel, Michael’s cultivation was much higher than other archangels. Besides, Mu Bai also needed to face the powerful army of Holy Judges. It would be difficult for him to fight alone.

Michael’s laughter was particularly annoying. Mo Fan wanted to tear up the black Hexagon Formation, punch Michael’s face, and break his nose!

Michael seemed to notice Mo Fan’s irritation. He suppressed his smile but did not tone down his playfulness. He said, “No one wants to play this game with me. However, the people around you join in one after another, so the bargaining chips increase every time.”

Mo Fan did not answer.

Michael continued to mock Mo Fan. When he was about to speak, a dazzling light appeared in the air, causing Michael to lose his sight for a moment. Then, a fiery breath rushed toward his face. When Michael regained his vision, he found the bright sun was hanging low!

It was the sun, but why was it at this height?

It felt like the sun was almost at the same height as Sky Holy City. It was so close that it could burn the Holy City to ashes!

Michael used his hands to block the strong sunlight. The people in Sky Holy City also felt the heat at a close range. They all looked for shady places to hide.

The sunlight was so strong that it was almost impossible for the people to open their eyes. It felt like they were in a furnace.

Suddenly, the hanging sun moved. The scorching sun with billowing flames rushed toward the Holy Palace of Sky Holy City and Archangel Michael!

Michael opened his eyes and stared at the rolling sun. When he saw a giant figure emerging from the blazing fireball, he realized it was not a real sun!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The impact of the sun waves set off a doomsday flame, and the Holy Palace in Sky Holy City seemed to turn into ashes in an instant.

In the flying flames, an ancient creature slowly stood up. Its body was made of obsidian flames. The majestic mountain-like body stood between the crisscrossing avenues of the Holy City, and the sun shone all over its body. It was like a god descending to the world!

“God of Sun!”

Michael recognized this ancient Greek god. He stood in the flaming ruins of the Holy Palace. The armor on his body and the exposed skin looked burned. Although he managed to withstand most of the impact of the solar flames with the sixteen wings, he still suffered some injuries.


The black light had an intense death aura.

A black Nether Horse and a mighty knight in pitch-black armor attacked at a high speed with the Sword of Hades. The black Sword of Hades had killed countless people in numerous wars. When the knife-wielding man slashed at the Sixteen-winged Blazing Angel Michael, an ancient battlefield emerged in the death aura. Realistic-looking ancient gods and demons started to fight. The epic scene had spanned thousands of years and returned to the present!

Michael’s gaze was sharp. There was light on his body, but it did not disperse. The cyan light melted gradually into a cyan shirt.

The wings spread out one by one. Unlike Ramiel’s blazing wings, each of Michael’s wings had an intense velvet of holy brilliance. These velvets of holy brilliance floated and slowly dissolved in the air. Soon, more velvets of holy brilliance regenerated. This meant that Michael’s angel wings would never disappear. They would always be blazing and brilliant!

The epic battlefield caused by the Sword of Hades was full of the Einherjar Spirits. These Einherjar Spirits were the powerful creatures of the ancient world. They fiercely rushed toward Michael.

Michael in the Green Holy Feather stretched his hand out and pointed at the majestic and terrifying battlefield of gods, demons, and Einherjar Spirits. In an instant, the revived purgatory scene dissipated like clouds and mist. Some dead souls of a few monsters and demons crashed into Michael, but they turned into wisps of black smoke in Michael’s holy brilliance!


The God of the Sun raised one foot and fiercely stomped toward Michael. The air was compressed, and the space was shattered. The trampling force almost made a hole in Sky Holy City.

However, Michael did not dodge. He stretched his other hand and grabbed the giant foot of the God of the Sun with his tiny palm!

Numerous Vatican Sunflowers grew vigorously, vines intertwined, and divine flowers bloomed. When the God of the Sun stepped on him, those divine plants turned into a huge cyan palm and blocked the foot of the God of the Sun. The God of the Sun could not step on Michael, no matter how hard it tried.

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