Worldwide Simulation Era

Chapter 592: 592
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592 Just How Strong is This Demon?

Lin Qiye’s heart sank when he heard Wan Meng’s words.

Either he abandons the immortal bone or spends much time and resources to fuse with the immortal bone.

No matter which one he chose, it would be an extremely challenging decision for him.

“Let me think about it.”

Lin Qiye sat on the steps in front of the gate with a dark expression.

Wan Meng did not disturb him.

She knew. Even in her eyes, that immortal bone was of excellent quality. It would be a huge loss for Lin Qiye to give it up.

Good immortal bones often contain great potential. If cultivated properly, they could produce heaven-defying Immortal Techniques.

As for letting Lin Qiye complete the fusion of the immortal bone, he simply didn’t have that much time now that the demon nests were rising everywhere and could launch a general attack at any time.

Just like that, Lin Qiye sat from noon until sunset.

He considered and analyzed the current situation. In the end, he decided to further investigate the demon race before making a final decision.

That night, Lin Qiye called Black Dragon, Butcher, and the rest over.

At the same time, through the Reflection Pearl, he contacted Gui Nian, who was currently in a meeting with the rulers of the four great empires.

The Reflection Pearl was Gui Nian’s life-bound treasure. Lin Qiye, who held the main pearl, could share the vision of the sub pearl’s owner.

This was Gui Nian’s first treasure to be offered to Lin Qiye. At first, it could only connect to a range of 1,000 miles.

However, after he advanced to the Immortal Realm, the distance of the link was almost unlimited.

Only some mystic realms or isolation-type formations could cut off the vision shared by the Reflection Pearl.

Lin Qiye projected the image of the pearl into the air so that Black Dragon and Butcher could see it.

At the same time, he shared his vision with Gui Nian, allowing him to see what was happening on his side.

“My Lord.”

“Greetings, Lord Holy Infant.”

As the images connected, Gui Nian, the four country rulers, and the others all bowed respectfully to Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye nodded indifferently.

“What’s the situation like at your defense lines? Has the awakening potion been put into use?”

“Lord Holy Infant, the four empires have established a joint defense line and opened new teleportation channels between each other to facilitate timely assistance.”

“The first batch of the awakening potion has also been put into use. So far, we have cultivated ten million Foundation Establishment Realm soldiers with a certain level of combat power.

When Huyan Meng and the others talked about the current situation, their faces shone with excitement.

The item Lin Qiye had shown them was too outrageous. Although he said it could be mass-produced, they were still not confident.

It was not until they received the awakening potion from Lonemoon and the others that they felt relieved.

At the same time, their respect for Lin Qiye grew.

“Only ten million? It’s not enough. Now, I can provide you with an unlimited supply of the awakening potion as long as you give me sufficient materials.”

Since Lin Qiye found he could not break through, he changed some of his previous decisions.

He had set a limit for his transactions with the four great empires to save some foundation for this world. It was to avoid the problem that the younger generation would face a lack of talent after defeating the demons.

But now, he had encountered a problem in his breakthrough. If he does not solves it, he will have no confidence in fighting against the demons.

Therefore, he had to ensure his cultivation could break through regardless of the cost.

Otherwise, the secular world would be finished if his side was defeated.

However, this decision was destined to empty the secular world.

“Sigh. I’ll think of a way to make up for it after this matter is resolved.”

Lin Qiye sighed to himself.

This overdrawing of the resources of the secular world’s future talents left him a burden difficult to remove, although it was an act of helplessness.

Wan Meng could feel Lin Qiye’s emotions and roughly guess what he was thinking.

She comforted him. “You don’t have to worry so much. The mortal world is waiting for you to save them. If you can’t stop the demons, all of them will be finished. Even if there’s a gap in the future, it’s not your fault.”

The Great War 100,000 years ago caused a gap in the era.

After that Great War, no one had surpassed the Celestial Realm.

It was the same now.

If the resources of the secular world were exhausted, there probably wouldn’t even be an Immortal Realm expert in the next thousand years.

Lin Qiye shook his head and did not say anything else.

He could only do his best to protect the foundation of this world from being too severely damaged. That way, the resources could be regenerated, and this world would not decline too quickly.

When Lin Qiye returned to his consciousness, he saw the four country rulers excitedly taking out the inventory list from the national treasury.

While they were overjoyed, they suddenly remembered Lin Qiye was still waiting for their reply. They quickly looked at the screen and said, “Lord Holy Infant, we’ll send someone to prepare the supplies. If you need anything else, let us know!”

From their interactions with Lonemoon and the others, the four country rulers found out they could break through to the Immortal Realm quickly because of Lin Qiye’s help and the awakening potion.

In addition, they had seen with their eyes the speed at which the awakening potion allowed one to break through.

Therefore, even if Lin Qiye were to make outrageous requests, they would agree without hesitation.

“When I need it, I’ll naturally come to you.”